Places to Visit in West Yorkshire

Places to see in West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire is one of the places in England that you shouldn’t miss. There are attractions that certainly will take your breath away. Don’t forget to take your camera with you as there are attractions that worth the snap.

Yorkshire dales and Yorkshire coasts are the two places where you can spend your time in the west side.

England contains some really beautiful and lovely counties in its heart. Yorkshire is just one of those thousands of historical counties which make up the rich and cultural history of England. It is a county in the northern England and offers some really nice and eye-catching spots which require you to visit at every cost. Though there are a number of places to visit in this heart of England, but only few can be worded.


Wakefield is just one of the thousands of beautiful places of attraction in northern England. It is at a distance of two hours from Edinburgh. Similarly, the drive from Manchester is only that of one hour. The cultural heritage of Wakefield is very rich and very old. It is considered as one of the developed ancient places on Earth. The Romans built a church in the region in the fourteenth century. The city is said to be located above the hill in its original times. The river over which it stayed was the river Calder. The town had a total of three long streets. The names of those three streets are Kirk Gate, North gate and the West gate. These gates were the inlets and the outlets of the area as well.

Sandal Castle:

Sandal castle is another really historic piece outside the Wakefield. It is also located above river Calder. The region is famous only because of the great battle of Wakefield. The battle took place in the year 1460. The battle is said to fight in the days of war or roses.

Yorkshire Dales:

The region shows how the cheese you eat with a great love is made. It is a factory which worth visiting and you will really love the trip to the factory. Here you are allowed to have a sample of some cheese biscuits before buying lots for your friends, family and loved ones. Another important and historical location which is located in Yorkshire is the Middleham castle. The region is dedicated for picnic, fun and enjoyment.

Yorkshire Coast:

It is a perfect idea to have with your family to visit the Yorkshire coastal areas. It is beautiful place which should be visited by the tourists and travelers who visit northern England. The Robinhood Bay contains a number of shops, cafes, pubs and bars where you can really enjoy and have a lot of fun. You will never be able to forget these eye-catchy and lovely places.

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