Places to Visit in North Yorkshire

Top Spots in the North Yorkshire Area

North Yorkshire is truly an inspiring place to visit. This is in fact famous because there are world renowned literatures that made this as their setting. There are plenty of places to visit in north Yorkshire.

Most of them are museums and houses. This is certainly a place where history is still in the hearts of the people.

The north of England has not failed to inspire people from all walks of life. One place in this region is Yorkshire. This is the setting of top novels like Little Women, Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. Reading these books would give you an idea on what to expect in Yorkshire. If you want to see the coastlines of the country then ride the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. There is a suspension bridge that actually stretch from Humber river to the chalk cliffs of Flamborough head. You can find several attractions in this area that you can explore.

If you want to see an Elizabethan architecture, then the burton agnes hall is a great example. The rooms of the said place is filled with treasures and arts collected by Sir Henry Griffith. You can find quite a number of collections of masterpieces in this place. The top of the house would treat you with a view of the countryside.

Newby Hall and Gardens is a place to see while you are in this county. This is award winning garden home to many rare and beautiful plants. It is considered to be a garden for children of all ages. It had many features like paddling pool, swings, climbing bridges and more. Adults and children should ride the Miniature Railway.

Kiplin hall was built in 1620 with a Jacobean architecture. It has central domed towers with tall symmetrical pavilion. This a perfect place for the whole family to enjoy. There are free tours that can take you around the house where you can find rooms with interesting treasures. There is a garden, lakeside views and the tea Room. You can also do some fishing, walking and others in the area.

Ripley castle is a historic house that you want to visit. It has a rich history made by people who have lived there. You would find memorabilia from Marston Moor battles. You can find fine chandeliers, family portraits and furniture inside the house. Visitors can also visit individual gift shops, tea rooms and a fine delicatessen in the Courtyard. This is truly a great destination that you shouldn’t miss while you are in north Yorkshire.

Castle Howard is an 18th century architecture that has a painted and gilded dome. You can find here different collections from porcelain, sculpture and antique furniture. Explores its gardens and you can find Temple of the Four Winds and MausoleumJorvik is where you can find Vikings remains. Discover their lifestyle and look into items that are uncovered in the area.

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