Places to Visit in Leicestershire

Things to Do in Leicestershire

There are quite a number of places to visit in Leicestershire. This county in east midlands England is not only known for its manufacturing industry but also for its geographical terrain.

If you want some breathtaking sight, this place has something to offer like Foxton Canal

manufacturing industry. Because of its terrain, it is known for grazing and hunting. Although it is part of Rutland before, it still retains its uniqueness. If you love boating, this place is actually famous for it. There are other attractions that are worth your time in this county.

  • Foxton Canal Museum was actually opened in 1989. The building where it is situated is an old steam boiler house. Young and old people would surely like this place. You can find in here the detailed history of boating. You can find different cabin decoration and others. Children can take parts of games. If you want to learn abut boat lifts then you should check out the place.
  • Foxton locks are considered as a landmark of a lot of people passing the waterways of England. The place where it is situated is very peaceful. Visitors would love seeing grazing herds of sheep and cattle. Its breathing scene can really captivate you.
  • Moira Furnace is an ancient monument that you should visit. There is a wild flower meadow, woodland plantation, amphitheatre and two lakeside restaurants.
  • Abbey Park is an essential area in this part of the region. The breathtaking park is divided by the river soar. There is an area filled with trees, lakes and flowers. You can find here the Leicester Abbey and the great ruins of Cavendish House. This place was opened in 1882 so you can see the touch of Victorian era. There are additions to the park like Chinese Garden, model railway and more. If you want a park with historic interest then this is a place to go.
  • Belgrave Hall and Gardens is a place for people who wants peace and quiet. This place has a long history. The interesting things to see are the items inside the house.
  • Bosworth Field is certainly a big part of this county. This where the bloodiest battle in history of England took place. Take a journey in this countryside and see the history unfolds. The story can be retold in its visitor center. You can actually take a train ride Battlefield Line.
  • Market Harborough Union Wharf is a newly restored place in the area. It was formerly known as the canal basin. Today it is a center for artistic and cultural activity. The buildings are filled with arts and craft workshops. Some of them are trendy apartments.
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