Places to Visit in Hertfordshire

Things to do in Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire is a metropolitan county in the Eastern region of England. There are quite a number of places to visit in this area. It includes attractions like Aldenham Country Park, Broxbourne Woods, Cassiobury Park and more.

People of all ages can enjoy its charming villages and exciting attractions that are truly breathtaking.

Hertfordshire is a metropolitan county located in East England. Its geography is characterized by pastoral landscape. Its charming villages are surrounded by rolling fields and wooden area. The whole area is not only rich with natural resources but also some attractions that you should visit.

  • If you want to get close to nature, Aldenham Country Park is the place to be. This is owned and operated by the government. The area was first created as a quiet recreation. For people who want to have a great day, the park and open water is the perfect setting for activity.
  • Broxbourne Woods is a spot recognized by Special Area of Conservation. The whole area is surrounded by woods and part of a natural range. It is divided in 4 areas - Bencroft and Broxbourne Wood, Hoddesdonpark Wood and Wormley Wood. Bencroft Wood is a place to see butterflies and dragonflies. Wormley Wood is where you can find native trees and species of as oak, birch and hornbeam. Hoddesdonpark Wood is an area with wildlife. Broxbourne Wood has a trail made for walkers and wheelchair.
  • Ashridge estate is a peaceful place if you want to see wild animals like herds of deer. Visitors would be rewarded with breathtaking views of Chiltern countryside.
  • Cassiobury Park is a green oasis filled with natural beauty. If you want to take a stroll, fish or picnic, this is a good spot. Trees dotted the whole place where people can relax during hot summer. There are sports facilities as well for tennis, basketball and football. Children would have fun because it has play areas and miniature railway.
  • Hatfield house is originally meant for the Bishops of Ely. This house is rich in paintings, tapestries, furniture and more. Its garden is filled with flowers and extensive plant life. Take a walk at its stunning grounds and amazing garden. Even if you are in a wheel chair, you can access this beautiful place.
  • Rye Gatehouse is built during the 1443. It has retained a unique structure and brick work. This place has a rich history that is worth knowing.
  • Walter Rothschild Zoological Museum is a perfect place for naturalist. You can find information about exotic species from all over the world. It has an education program and filled with special events. It is a perfect place for children.
  • Broxbourne Old Mill us a nice place to explore. The place was originally a flour mill but a great fire burned it down. If you visit the area, there are the remnants of architecture.
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