Places to Eat in Suffolk

Top Restaurants to Try in Suffolk

There are many places to eat in Suffolk. Each establishment is offering its unique style and class to the people who visit them. You can definitely find a restaurant that can suit your taste.

If you prefer a casual meal or fine dining, there is something meant to fulfill your cravings.

Suffolk is not just a county in England with a lot of attractions. It is also known for its variety of cuisine. For people with adventurous palette, Suffolk is a haven. Because of the fact that Suffolk is in the coastal area, most of the restaurants specialize in seafood. They offer the tastiest oysters in whole region. There are food places from cafes, bistros, pubs and restaurants. Whether you want a light snack, gourmet meal or local cuisine, a certified foodie will find the best restaurants located on towns and villages.

Lunch out in the Great House

Found in Lavenham, this restaurant has received number of citations for years of serving the people. Their service is accompanied with a smile to make sure that customers can enjoy their meal. They are best known for their lunchtime menu. Locals and foreigners alike love this place especially those who are enjoying the weekend.

Fine dining at Bildeston Crown

This is situated in the old oak beam of the Bildeston Crown Public House. The restaurant can only sit to a hundred plus people so be sure to make reservations early. There are a lot of people who wants to sample the cuisine. There are special deals in this place including the eight course package.

Eating out with the family in Lindsay House Restaurant

This place provides a menu that is diverse in nature. Food is served in an informal and friendly atmosphere. Its great emphasis is actually using the best local and season produce. All the dishes in the menu including the desserts are prepared by their in-house chef.

Warming the stomach at The George

Situated in the village of Cavendish, a warm welcome is waiting for you in this restaurant. If you want to taste the local of Suffolk, this is the place to be. You can dine in or stay outside and enjoy the weather while eating food from their extensive menu. The seats are heated for maximum comfort.

Feasting on A La Carte at Carlton Manor

This elegant restaurant is serving an excellent a la carte menu. All meals are freshly prepared and cooked just the way it should be. If you have a special diet then they can adjust their meal to your own liking. Their Sunday roast is so popular.

Share sumptuous meal at the Swan

The swan is a retreat that presents its diners with timeless style that matches modernity and convenience. Share stories over sumptuous meal which was prepared by top chefs in the region. The prices are affordable and flexible if you want a three course dinner or light meals.

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