Places to Visit in Sicily

Sightseeing in Sicily, Italy

Sicily is a great place to visit where you can relax and explore the history of Greek civilization. It is a wonderful place to visit not just because of the weather but its cultural value as well.

If you want to discover some spots in Sicily, here are some places that you can explore.

Sicily is an island where you can find a lot of splendors. It is a very rich history that contributed to its beauty. This place is interesting for many because of its location and resources. Today is part of Italy which is 30 minutes boat ride to its mainland. People are attracted to this place because of its historic buildings, archeological sites, beaches and food. If you are planning to visit, avoid summer month from July to August because of extreme heat.

  • Palermo is one of the places to go where you can find historical sites from the Norman period. You can find a regional archeology museum called Temple di Normi and Duomo where you can find historic buildings in the city center. You can also find different cathedrals like Monreale and Cefalù.
  • Erice is situated on the hill that overlooks Trapani and the distant Egadi Islands. This where you can find scenic castles that defines this historic city. If you want to see medieval structures, this is an interesting place that deserves your time.
  • Segesta is where you can find well preserved Greek temple and amphitheater. This is where Mount Bàrbaro is located with the gorgeous section of Sicilian countryside.
  • Selinunte is where you can find excavated temples that are worth your time.
  • Agrigento is an archeological site which is famous for its number of excavated Greek temples.
  • Piazza Armenina is a large property that is famous of its mosaics.
  • Taormina is a resort area found in Sicily. The town includes a Greek theater that overlooks both the sea and Mount Etna. It has beaches perfect for sun bathing.
  • The Aeolian Island is composed of several island found in the northern shore of Sicily. It was known to be the home to the Greek God of the winds. The island is scenic and fun to visit especially during the summer.
  • There are also quite a number of restaurants in the area that offer authentic Greek cuisine. You will be served with authentic meals made from finest ingredients.
  • Catania is one of the largest cities in Sicily. It located in the east side facing the Mediterranean island. It is situated between the ocean and Etna volcano. You can find in here excellent fish market. If you want to know about Sicilian cultures then spend a day here in especially in the day market. It has its own airport that serves international flights.
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