Places to Visit in Northumberland

Top Attractions of Northumberland

Found in the North eastern region of England, there are places to visit in Northumberland. This county has a little bit of everything for people who like to explore, to have fun and to hike. There are quite a number of attractions that suits anyone’s taste when it comes to traveling.

Northumberland is found in the north east region of England. It has more than eighty miles of coastline and some undeveloped moorland. This is a favorite place of painters and artist because of the inspiration that they get. Those who love the great outdoors would find a haven in Northumberland. Its history has paved away for the county to be sought after by visitors and there are some notable attractions in this county.

  • Bailiffgate Museum brings life to places and people in this county. You can find mixture of displays from traditional to modern ones. It captures the whole history of the region. This is where you can find the work of local artists.
  • House of Hardy Museum and Country Store is a museum that shows history of fishing and different equipments. There is a souvenir shop right after the tour.
  • National Park Centre Ingram is the best destination for nature lovers. This is a starting place for different walks where you can see different fort settlements. You can spend the day exploring the valley or have a picnic beside its well known water park.
  • Hauxley Nature Reserve and Visitor Centre is place where you can view birds and their nesting ground. You can visit this spot during summer where most birds are back from migration.
  • Norham Castle is one of the most impressive forts in this area. A team was hired in order to preserve the area including its surrounding field. This is a well known and much visited place in Northumberland.
  • Roman army museum is found in Hadrian's Wall. This is where you can see the history and life of Roman Soldier. This includes his training, armory, weapons, living quarters and others. It is presented in interesting way that kids would love. You can find life size figures, displays of roman objects and others.
  • Kielder Castle is a place where you can hold picnics. It features forest shop, information centre, tearoom and exhibitions about forestry and conservation.
  • Dunstanburgh Castle is a beautiful ruins found in the coastline of the county. Visitors can explore the great gatehouse and the imposing Lilburn Tower, which commands stunning views.
  • Woodhorn Museum Archives & Country Park can give you a taste of mining heritage of this county. It is housed in a newly designed building. You will watch a video of some mining tragedies.
  • Cragside House, Gardens and Estate is a historic house set in the heart of Northumberland. It has 30 minutes of trails around the area. There are a lot of activities that you can join that are suitable for kids.
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