Edinburgh Travel Guide

UKs Most Desirable City - Edinburgh

Because of its breathtaking beauty, Edinburgh has been voted as the most desirable city to live in UK. In addition, this capital of Scotland is attracting thousands of visitors every year with its remarkable architecture consists of medieval and modern buildings, major festivals, gardens and parks, and many art venues.

Edinburgh, which is the capital of Scotland, has been known for its medieval towns and castles that are listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Juxtaposing these remnants of the past are modern architecture and throbbing night life center.

Because of the city’s innate beauty, hospitable people, breathtaking landmarks, and major festivals, this has been voted as the most desirable UK city to live in.

Major Attractions

Edinburgh Doors Open Day

This is an annual event where several landmarks and historic buildings open their doors to the public free of charge. Usually, this event takes place during the last weekend of September.

Royal Botanic Garden and Suntrap Gardens

The Royal Botanic Garden is a large garden where visitors can see an extensive collection of plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs. In addition, this place is also great for picnics especially during the spring and summer months.

Meanwhile, tourists should also visit the Suntrap Garden which is a three-acre ground consisting of several gardens.

Theater Houses

The city has the best theaters and opera houses in Europe, including the 3,000-seat Edinburgh Playhouse which hosts West End shows.

Other notable theaters are the Usher Hall which has weekly orchestral concerts; Festival Theater which usually hosts ballet and opera; Queen’s Hall which is the home of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra; and Bedlam Theater which is the home of Scotland’s oldest comedy troupe.

Major Festivals

There are several major festivals in the city, most of which take place during August.

One of the most prestigious celebrations in the capital is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which is considered to be the largest arts festival in the world that offers live performances especially in comedy and avant-garde art.

Other notable celebrations are Edinburgh Military Tattoo which is held in a castle and has been attracting thousands of tattoo artists and enthusiasts; Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival and Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival; and Mela which is a celebration which displays the rich culture of the city.

Places of Worship

Rosslyn Chapel, which has been featured in the hit movie “The Da Vinci Code”, is a medieval building found on the southern part of the city. Another notable place of worship is the St. Giles Cathedral (also called as the High Kirk of Edinburgh) which is named after the city’s patron saint.

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