Places to Visit in Essex

What to See in Essex

In the southeast region of England is where you can find Essex. This county is one of the unique places in England because of its geographic location. It is known for its coastline. Majority of its attractions are water related. There are other attractions such as Audley End House and Gardens, Layer Marney tower, Cressing Temple Barns, Colchester castle museum and a lot more.

Essex is a county in southwestern England on the North Sea. This is a place covered with trees, shrubs and perennial herbs. Engrossed in centuries of culture and tradition, Essex is a distinctly unique among other county in England. Visitors can enjoy traveling in small canoe in its coastline. There are many water related attractions in Essex including excellent beaches and lakes. There are also small towns that are suitable for water travel like Harwich. The major attractions in Essex that can be described as an antique beauty and it can be seen in historical places, churches, gardens, and museums. Among the top ten places that every visitor need to see here include Audley End House and Gardens, Layer Marney tower, Cressing Temple Barns, Colchester castle museum, Bethchatto Gardens Hylands House and Estate, RHS Garden Hyde Hall, Ingatestone Hall, The Gibberd Garden and Hedingham Castle.

Top Attractions in Essex

The Audley End House and Gardens is an early marvel and wonder of the nation. It is known for its flower displays, munificent insides that reflect ancient style and culture.

Layer Marney Tower is the tallest gatehouse found in Essex. Currently, it is resided by families and sometimes being used for conferences. There are also wedding ceremonies being held in this place.

Cressing Temple Barns is an ancient farm-house with attractive surroundings.

Colchester Castle Museum is a Norman donjon in Europe and it is within the walls of medieval fortress.

Bethchatto Gardens: This a large Plant building with glass walls and roof used for cultivation and exhibition of plants under controlled conditions.

Hylands House and Estate: The Entrance Hall with marbles around and prominent rooms like junketing rooms attracts the visitors. This place conducts various programs all throughout year like musical events.

Garden Hyde and Hall: It is a beautiful garden filled with flowers of all sizes like daffodils that attract everyone. Autumn is the season where we find these flowers in surplus. The garden surrounding with ponds, flowers, lawns is known for its beauty.

There are towers that are impressive in appearance like Mistley towers; Tilbury fort, Audley End, Romantic Easton Lodge Gardens, St.Peters Church, Gunpowder mills, Grange farm and strikingly expressive Bourne Mill attract everyone.

There are famous restaurants at reasonable rates like the oyster bar, Attinity, Cricketers, The Italian Restaurant, and Sanos Bistra. They are the famous for offering relaxing and tasty meals.

Maldon Braving Company Beer and Vineyards shouldn’t be forgotten. The three tip tree Tea rooms is a place that one need to visit when in Essex.

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