Places to go in Plymouth

Interesting places in Plymouth

Being the largest city in the south west of England Plymouth is in one of the United Kingdom’s main tourist areas. There are also range of accommodation places to meet the needs of all its visitors. Your time spent in this place would be worth it if you visit its top attractions.

Plymouth is a historical city that has been the front of maritime exploration for hundreds of years. This town overlooks the world’s greatest harbors. Visitors from around the world are welcome in this place. This vibrant city is where maritime heritage and lively cultural scene are truly enjoyed by a lot of people throughout the year. This is a busy city because it is considered to be a regional center for Devon and Cornwall. The famous event is probably the Plymouth Summer Festival. Throughout the autumn and spring, there are significant events that are happening that visitors would truly enjoy. The National Marine Aquarium is one of the many attractions of Plymouth for the visitor. There are also other places to see like river cruises, historic houses, gardens and more.

National Marine Aquarium

This is considered as UK's largest aquarium. It houses the deepest tank in Britain that makes it one of the best places to go while you are in Plymouth. This was opened in 1998 since then it continues to expand in different rooms and exhibits. You can find 50 live exhibits including 3 large tanks. Younger kids enjoy visiting this place. There are 3 floors of interactive science and technology exhibits. You can also find here the 4D "Screen on the Sea" cinema. Look around the shops or eat some lovely food from one of the may cafes and restaurants in the area.


This is a very old and historical area of Plymouth. This place is known for its Mayflower Steps. There are small shops that dots Barbican is you can find items that are unique and interesting. For people who want to buy a gift, this place is where you can find one. You can find a lot of establishments in the area like cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars. Along side the harbor is where you can find small cafes with tasty treats. The nightlife in this area is so unique. There are some pubs where you can find are some local pubs as well as a good Jazz bar for a more relaxing night out.

Canonteign Falls

This is situated within the Dartmoor National Park. This is considered the England's highest waterfall. The thing that makes it interesting is the fact that it is man made which was accomplished by miners. Upon admission to the place, you can walk straight to falls. An alternative is take lovely walks around the beautiful lakes found in the grounds that surrounding the falls. If you are heading to the water falls, you can do a steep and awkward climb up and around the main waterfall. There is an easier and winding route that would take you to the top.

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