Places to Visit in Bath

Famous Attractions in Bath

Bath is known for its hot springs. Aside from this, there are a lot of places to visit in Bath. From museums, monuments and sightseeing spots, you will surely be entertained in this historic city. Before visiting bath, take time to list down all the famous attractions and landmarks found in Bath and select which ones is worth your time.

Bath is a town in a south western England on the River Avon, which is famous for its hot springs and Roman remains. These hot springs originate from the Cotswold Hills which is a key attraction to the people who visit this place. Bath is a very lively and profitable tourist center. The appeal of Bath is its business and shops of all tastes. It takes just a day to tour this place and near the great city of London. There are many tourist attractions and museums in Bath. It astounds the tourists with its beautiful places. Bath known for its museums, scenery, antique beauty, monuments and all other sight-seeing places attracts tourists all over the world. It is a good idea to plan your itinerary so that there is no chance to miss some of the best attractions in this history city.

Famous Landmarks in Bath

The Roman Baths: It is believed that the hot water cures all diseases. During night time, the ruins are really amazing. The water welling out provides a charming experience.

Grand Georgian Architecture: It features all the Georgian era architecture and history. Lavish formal dances are held in this area.

Jane Austen Centre: This museum depicts how it influenced the writings of Jane Austin who is popularly known for her writings like “Pride and Prejudice”.

Bath Fashion Museum and The Assembly Rooms: This is a museum where there is a display of bath’s fashion.

In and around attractions in Bath

Longleat House and Safari Park: With boats here in Safari, one can enjoy a happy and safe journey.

The city of Bristol: This is a nearby city where you can find quite a number of museums and churches.

Abbey Hotel: This is a very fantastic hotel located in oldest part of Bath and is close to all attractions. This is a classic building which equally resembles a 3-star hotel.

Malls and Arcades: Mislom place is famous for all dress shops, jewelry in reasonable rates.

Southgate: This area is famous for shopping especially during weekends.

The Podium: An alternative place to shop if you love high end goods.

Pubs and Bars: Bath is filled with pubs and bars in every corner. They can be found anywhere. The Old Green Tree and Monmouth Street are among the famous streets for pubs and bars.

Sightseeing: The Royal crescent, the churchyard, and the circus are the three places where you can do sightseeing. They are all located in Bath Street.

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