Places to Visit in Cardiff

Places to see in Cardiff

While Cardiff is a modern city, it has transformed itself into one of the most popular tourist attractions in UK with its historic landmarks such as cathedrals and castles, major sports events, several festivals that attract thousands of spectators, countless of art centers, and beautiful parks and gardens.

Cardiff, which is the capital of Wales, is becoming one of the most popular tourist spots in UK that boasts a rich history and culture. And while it used to be known as a gray, industrial city, it has now been transformed into a lively capital that attracts tourists with its beautiful outdoor attractions.

In addition, the city has also made a name through sports as it hosts major Welsh sporting events especially after building the grand Millennium Stadium.

Main Attractions of the City

Cardiff Castle

The grandeur of the city can be seen from its most famous landmark, the Cardiff Castle. This architectural beauty, built around the 19th century, has a foundation of a Roman fort and with an interior that was ornately designed.

Historic Religious Sites

One of the most historic religious sites in the city is the cathedral of Llandaff which is believed to be the oldest in Europe since it was built around 10th century.

Another notable place of worship is the Norwegian Church which was first established along the Cardiff Bay to serve sailors working in the wharves, most of whom were Norwegian.

Wales Millennium Center

Built in 2004, this building has been the center of Welsh arts as it hosts dance performances, opera, and musical plays. The good thing about this art center is that it allows a free entrance throughout the year.

Brecon Beacons

While this Welsh national park is not within Cardiff (about 40 minutes from the city), tourists should not miss to visit this place as it offers a scenic landscape that is perfect for climbing, sailing, paragliding, and other outdoor activities.

Festivals and Celebrations

The city hosts several major festivals that have become a popular tourist attraction. One of the most popular of this is the “Big Weekend” which is a carnival-themed festival usually held on the last weekend of July and has been attracting hundreds of thousands of people.

Another popular festival is the Cardiff Mardi Gras which is held every year in Cardiff Castle. Because this celebration is attended by thousands of gays and lesbians, this has been considered as one of the biggest festivals of its kind in the UK.

Other popular festivals are the Cardiff Children’s Festival that shows exhibitions and provides entertainment for children; and the Winter Wonderland which is held from December to January.

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