Cheap Places to Stay in Bath

Budget Accommodations in Bath

Bath is a world-class city in so many ways, and the quality of its accommodation is no exception. It is easy to find a place that can fit your budget. They offer world class service that is more than its price. These places can guarantee that they offer best accommodation for that best holiday.

Bath was founded as a thermal spa by the Romans. It has become a center for wool industry during the middle Ages. During the reign of George III, it was developed to be an elegant town with structures on a neoclassical Palladian architecture. This blend harmoniously with the Roman baths. If you happen to take a walk around Bath, it is like visiting a museum. There are almost thousand of buildings in the area that achieve architectural merit. This includes magnificent Abbey and the collection of Georgian homes. You could also follow the footsteps of Jane Austen while visiting an elegant townhouse. There is also an assembly room where she attended society events. After a long day of walking, why not soak yourself in the thermal bath spa.

Some Budget and Romantic Places in Bath

Dukes Hotel is listed as a Grade I building. It was a restored Georgian Splendor while maintaining comfort and convenience of modern hotel set in a town house. Each of its room maintains identity and period furniture. There are exquisite wall hangings and curtains to create stunning effects. You can select from six suites with own bathroom and provide fluffy towels and bathrobes. There was a peaceful patio garden where you can relax and enjoy the surroundings while enjoying delicious food.

Paradise house is located in the southern slopes of the city. You can enjoy spectacular view of Royal Crescent and Georgian Bath. This is surrounded with walled gardens and it is a perfect retreat for a romantic getaway. The service is warm and welcoming. If you are a repeat guest, you will feel like you’re an old friend. The rooms are filled with luxurious brands that add touch of elegance in the rooms. If you are there for a special occasion, you can ask them for champagne and roses. This is just a minute away from city center and spa station.

Macdonald Bath Spa Hotel is a few minutes walk from the heart of the city. It is formerly a family home set in the majestic Georgian mansion. It has seven acres of beautiful landscaped gardens with contemporary style with timeless elegance and traditional values.

The Royal Crescent is a very elegant hotel set in this enchanting city. The hotel has a discreet façade in a completely secluded garden. Aside from individual bedrooms and suites, there is a restaurant, bar and spa that offers range of traditional and progressive holistic therapies. It focuses on ultimate pampering and cares for its visitors.

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