Places to Visit in Brighton

Best Places to see in Brighton

There are quite a number of place to visit in Brighton. You will never be disappointed on the attractions that it has to offer. Whether you want a relaxing evening or shopping galore experience, Brighton has everything that you need. It is best to explore the top spots that are found in this city.

Brighton is a city situated at the South coast of England. This place is considered a destination choice for a lot of visitors from all over the world. If you want a relaxed and informal atmosphere with a twist of a good nightlife, then this city is worth your time. There are actually some notable spots that you can explore.

  • Royal Pavilion or known as 'Brighton Pavilion' or 'The Pavilion' for the locals, is a building situated in the middle of the city. The history of this building goes a long way back in the time of King George IV. He often visited this place to take advanatage of the sea water that can cure his ailments. You can actually join the tour of the impressive building both inside and out. There is also a museum at the edge of this location that offers free entrance.
  • The palace pier is a place for tourist where you can find amusement arcades, small shops for tourists, restaurants, nightclub and a small fun fair. This attraction is where you can view the sea.
  • If you love shopping then visit The Lanes. There are quite a number of chain stores that you can find. There are also English towns found in Churchill Square area in which you can find strange items. The lanes are known for its antique and jewelers shops however you can find seen restaurants and fashion stores. Be careful because you can easily get lost at its streets. This place is situated at the oldest area of Brighton. For first timers, ask information center for guide.
  • North Laine of Brighton is another great place to go shopping. This starts in railway station to the chain of shopping district. You can find small shops run by traders. This where you can find bead stores, clothes shops, book shops and more. You can spend the whole day exploring items.
  • Since this city has coastal area, there are notable beach to visit. You can take a walk at the sandy beach when its low tides. There are a lot of beach front bars and nightclubs where you can relax.

You can find a lot more attractions when you visit Brighton. If you are just a passerby prepare to get hooked and entice by this city in this side of England. If you are coming from London, all you need to do is ride the train and in a few hours you will reach this place. There are places that you can explore other than the ones mentioned above.

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