Pet Friendly Places to Stay

Best Pet Friendly Places to Stay

Since many cities and tourists destinations in UK have become pet friendly places, vacationers who want to bring their dogs and cats will not have to worry about finding accommodations and facilities that will allow their pets. However, travellers should consider several important things before deciding to bring their pet companions to make sure they can enjoy their vacation to the fullest.

As pets have become literally part of the family, some establishments and public places are now accepting visitors together with their furry companions, something which is unheard of during the previous decades when most shops and restaurants have a sign which read “No Pets Allowed”.

For those who are vacationing with their dogs, these are some of the helpful tips they should do:

  • Check for hotels or inns that allow pets. If they do, pet owners should also ask if there are extra charges for their furry companions.
  • Ask the tourism office if there are “off-leash” parks that allow dogs to stroll and play around the area, and other places or facilities that allow visitors and their pets.
  • Pet owners should bring a special kind of plastics used in picking up a dog or cat’s waste.
  • It would be practical to bring along bedding for pets.

In terms of pet friendly cities, UK has countless of business establishments, restaurants, hotels, and “off-leash” parks that allow people and their pet dogs and cats to enjoy and have a relaxing vacation.

After deciding what pet friendly places to stay, people should consider other important things before bringing along their animal companions in their vacation.

To make sure that vacationers, including their pets, are ready to have a perfect holiday break, these things should be consider first:

  • Is the vacation will involve riding in a plane or car? By travelling by a car, it would be easier, more convenient, and definitely more affordable to bring along a pet instead of riding in a plane.
  • Will having a pet can disturb other people? If a dog growls and barks too much, perhaps it would be better not to bring it along since it can definitely ruin not just its owners’ vacation but also other people’s.
  • Has it travelled before? Some pets are used to travel while some are not, especially those which are not used to small trips. This consideration is important since pet owners would not want to bring along a companion who “makes a scene just by seeing unfamiliar things.”
  • What are the itineraries and plans for the vacation? This is probably the most important question all pet owners should answer if they will bring their furry companions in their vacation. For instance, if they plan to do activities such as walking in the beach and picnic, bringing a dog may not be a hassle. But if they are going to do skiing and other activities which are far impossible to bring along a pet, perhaps they should think twice in bring an animal companion.
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