Places to Stay in Loch Lomond

Accommodations in Loch Lomond

Enjoy the beauty of Loch Lomond with the variety of accommodations it has to offer. The picturesque beauty of this place can be seen close hand when you select the right place where you would stay during your trip. You can choose from hotels, lodges, cottages, apartments and bed & breakfast.

Loch Lomond is actually considered the biggest area of loch freshwater in Britain. There are 38 islands on the Loch and this is the most famous among them all. Writers always love to mention this in their work. This is because of its beauty and peacefulness that the place offers. Every corner is just like looking at a post card. The Highland Boundary Fault is crossing the Loch Lomond so it shows physical characteristics of highland and lowland Scotland. For those who love the nature, this place is the home of almost 200 kinds of birds. Whether you are visiting Loch Lomond for a week or just for a short break, there are varieties of accommodations that you can choose from. The accommodation ranges from hotels, lodges, self catering cottages, apartments to bed & breakfast and more. Some are near major airports and attractions.

Lomond Luxury Lodges

You can select from Scandinavian lodges that is constructed from the standards of quality accommodation. This family run business is set in the village of Dry men that can offer you the finest welcome in Loch Lomond. The area is with a garden so that children can play. It offers facilities such as pool, spa, and gym. You can also do various activities to keep you entertained while you are in the area like golf, mountain biking, fishing and more. Each lodge has its own features like television, microwave, books, games and washing machine. There is a welcome pack for guests including chocolates, wines, tea and biscuits.

The Drovers Inn, Loch Lomond

This bed & breakfast inn is found in the Inverarnan. If you are visiting the area, then you should drop by this historic inn. This was constructed in 1705 and since then it was offering warm welcome to tourist. Entering the bed & breakfast inn would give you a sense of historical atmosphere. You can also taste good and authentic Scottish food. Because of its 300 years of existence, it has witnessed the history of Loch Lomond thus giving it a timeless character. There are a lot of people that when through the doors of this accommodation.

The Inn at Inverbeg

This placed just opened two years ago and it got a 4 star rating right away. The accommodation can be described as rustic and beautiful. Its amenities include a restaurant that offers fish and a there is also a whisky bar. It provides the warmth and stylish ambiance to this modern inn. If you are in the area, then drop by this inn that has over 200 malts and local ales.

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