Places to Stay in New Hampshire

Where to Stay in New Hampshire

You can find several places to stay in New Hampshire. This city is a great destination while you are in UK. You can explore its attractions and visit historic places. You can actually find some accommodations that would fit the kind of adventure that you want to have while you are in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire is one of the great destinations in UK. It offers a lot of treasures that includes its natural beauty. From its country side, long coastline, gardens to charming villages, a tourist can be occupied with a lot of things to see and do. You can explore its busy market towns where you can find rare items to add in your collection. You can also visit historic places in the areas like sunken ships and old castles. If you love outdoor activities, you can be occupied with a lot of activities that range from shopping, biking, horse riding or water sports. First time visitors would also love the attractions, New Hampshire has to offer. Whether you are in a short break or family fun, you will surely discover more about this place. There are also quite a number of places to stay when you are in New Hampshire to provide a base while you are discovering the area.

Silver Fountain Inn

This is a lodging that was built in 1871. This bed & breakfast inn is Victorian inspired and beautifully set in the Silver Street. Guests can select from nine rooms that are elegantly decorated and each has its own private bath.

Purity Spring Resort

This place is both an accommodation and attraction at the same time. It was built in the 1900s. It has destination situated in over a thousand acres of land where your family can have fun and enjoy the great outdoors. You can select from lodges situated in the mountain or lake. All the accommodations are meant for the family to enjoy.

Adventure Suites

This is a one of a kind accommodation spot where you can select from different settings. You can have furnishing that is full of romance while imagining you are in ancient Rome or surviving in a jungle or cave. You can also choose from Victorian era setting or movie theater background. This is a perfect accommodation if you want something out of the ordinary.

Pemi Cabins

This place has a rustic appeal to it. The bedroom features a fireplace and porch that overlooks the Pemi River. It also has other amenities like kitchen, tv, internet and morning coffee. For people who love to have picnic, there are picnic tables and grills that scattered in the area.

Lake Winnipesaukee Motel

This establishment has been around for about 50 years. Its main focus is on the guests to fulfill their needs and make them feel so comfortable. The cozy rooms are decorated with own theme. The rooms have tv and wifi.

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