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Right in the heart of peak district, bakewell is a small town not only known for its attractions and pudding but also the accommodations that they provide for tourists. You can choose from cottages, bed & breakfast, guesthouses and even inns that offer world class service. Bakewell is definitely one of the best destinations in the peak district region.

If you are visiting Peak District then you shouldn’t miss its largest town. Bakewell is known to be capital. The Saxon origin market town is also considered agricultural. It is filled with stone buildings that are traditional. Bakewell is a name that originates from the words 'Badeca’s well'. Its famous attraction is the Bakewell Church which was built during the Victorian times and survives all throughout the town’s history. Perhaps another reason why Bakewell is known throughout England is because of its delicious pudding. During market days, the streets are very busy so travelling by car is impossible because of heavy foot traffic. You can find different shops ranging from clothing stores, food place and others. Of course Bakewell is also notable for its top accommodations that definitely complete the whole experience of visiting the town.

Stay at a relaxing Haven – This guest house is classified to be a 4 start in terms of luxury. This is where you can experience a friendly kind of atmosphere. All suites are equipped with showers and modern amenities. You will also be delighted with the English breakfast that they serve. If you want to experience peak district hospitality then book a room at the Haven

Fun holiday cottages for the family – If you will be travelling with a group, you can choose from six self catering cottages of Burton Manor Farm. It is located in the heart of the national park of Peak District. The high standard cottages are all elevated so you can have a nice view of the whole park.

Warm Bed & Breakfast – If you are looking for a warm and welcoming accommodation then Westmorland house is waiting for you. It is about five minutes walk from the town center. You can choose from two nice bedrooms which is perfect for couples.

Charming Rose cottage – The Rose cottage can be described as charming and unique. It is built from stone and was furnished to be warm and comfortable. This cottage is equipped with model gadgets. This is perfect for couples and family.

Reasonable priced accommodation – One of the best bed & breakfast accommodations in Bakewell is Ashford Arms. It is a place that offers quality for a good price right at the heart of peak district. Each of their eight bedrooms is equipped with tv, radio, bath and more.

Luxurious farm cottages –If you want to stay at a luxurious farmhouse then Haddon Grove is the best place to be. All of the cottages has indoor swimming pool. You will also be happy because of the view of the countryside. This place can accommodate up to fifty people.

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