Places to Stay in Cromer

Top Hotels in Cromer

Cromer is a seaside town and considered one of the most popular destinations in region. Although the town is small, there are quite a number of luxurious hotels in the area. It is a good idea to select one with the view of the sea. Definitely this place allows you to feel the sea breeze. Whether you are in the area for business or pleasure, Cromer can satisfy your requirements in terms of accommodation needs.

Cromer is a small town by the sea where you can feel the past era due to its atmosphere and features. You can explore the whole area by foot while feeling the sea wind. The most notable attraction in Cromer is the old church. If you are lucky, you can witness traditional wedding complete with carriages. Climb the church tower and you will be treated with the best view of the town and sea. The small streets of Cromer are dotted with local shops that sell anything that you need whether you are in the town for long holiday or short break. If you want quiet evenings, you can take walk at the pier or watch performances. To make your Cromer experience more interesting, it is a good idea to book a room in one of the luxurious hotels in this small town.

Feel the Lion’s Comfort

Found in the coastline of Cromer, the red lion’s suites have the view of the sea. Each room is equipped with shower and tv. Relax in its lounge that overlooks the pier. You can also enjoy real ales with good menu created with fresh produce.

Relax at the Sandcliff Hotel

The hotel is situated near the sea so you can be assured of splendid view. The rates are reasonable while experiencing warm and friendly accommodation. If you want to relax, this hotel has a bar and good restaurant that offers sumptuous meals using the freshest ingredients.

Feel the luxury of Felbrigg Lodge

For those who want to stay in an accommodation with romantic setting, the luxurious Felbrigg Lodge is the place to be. It is situated on the countryside and few minutes away from the coast. This bed & breakfast is just across the Felbrigg Hall that is built on 17th century. This is the best place to relax and unwind. The grounds of the lodge are where you can find birds and wildlife. Whether you are in Cromer for business or pleasure, this lodge offers comfortable and homey accommodation.

Unwind in Virginia Court

Just a few minutes’ walk to the pier is Virginia court where you can have the amenities of wi-fi and satellite tv. This place was once own by the monarchy during the 19th century. It was used as a guest house for those visitors of Cromer. Today it is now a 3 start hotel with a restaurant that produces the best seafood dishes like the cromer crab. If you want to explore the coast of northfolk, Virginia court is the place to find natural beauty.

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