Places to See in Napa Valley

Main Attractions in Napa Valley

Are you a wine lover and seeking to see the main tourist attractions in Napa Valley? If you’re answer is yes therefore just give us some time and we will bring you to the top wine region in the United States and to other places to see in Napa Valley.

The Top Places to See in Napa Valley, the Best Wineries of the Region

Napa Valley, the home of world-renown wineries and listed as one of the Great Wine Capitals in the world, offers you not only the scent of the wines but also interesting places worth visiting for. It is located in the heart of Napa County in California which is blessed with a favorable climate making it a productive area for growing wine grapes. However, Napa Valley is not only best for its wineries, it has captivating landscapes and heart-pounding sceneries that will catch the heart of every visitors. The place is also one of the best food destinations in the region due to its fine restaurants that offer world-class dining.

Since there are numerous wineries in Napa Valley, we will give you some sort of listing of the top wineries in the area. Every winery has their own unique way of providing services to the tourists so take note of which of them you think suits to your taste. Additionally, to avoid disappointments on your visits it is good to have a reservation in the first place.

The Castello di Amorosa is an Italian-style castle of winery which offers wine tasting for their visitors or you can take a tour in their vineyards by horse-drawn carriage. It is located between St. Helena and Castiloga taking the route of Hwy 29. Next in line is Jervis Winery, you can reach their cave-like winery just 15 minutes from the downtown and located in a mountainside in Monticello Road. Both tour and wine tasting are offered in the winery at the same time. Moreover, the Beringer Vineyards is the oldest winery in the region which started its operation since 1876. Their specialty is the white zinfandel wine and located conveniently at 2000 Main St., St. Helena, CA.

Things to Do and Other Main Attractions in Napa Valley

Napa Valley is not only best on its wineries, the place is also good for outdoor adventures and sports activities. Together with your friends you will enjoy the hot air balloon rides offered by Adventures Aloft and Napa Valley Balloons, Inc. If you fond of biking then get your bicycles running in the dry lands of the valley or glide your way to the skies as there are gliders available for the most adventurous tourists. For the golfers out there then drive your way to the golf courses in Yountville and Calistoga. The Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo is a theme park combined with an oceanarium and a wildlife park, great for kids and to the whole family. And shopping is full of fun in the Downtown Napa so better prepare yourselves as you visit the wonderful place of Napa Valley.

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