Czech Republic Famous Places

Tourist Attractions in Czech Republic

Are you planning to visit and have sightseeing in the famous places and tourist attractions in Czech Republic? If you don’t have enough idea of the Czech Republic famous places then we will give you some hints of which places and landmarks of the country are best for sightseeing and worth for a stopover for tourists.

Czech Republic Famous Places and Cities to Visit

The Czech Republic is one of the top countries for tourist destinations in the heart of Central Europe where you will find numerous historical places and remarkable landmarks. Spending a vacation on this beautiful country will provide you an extraordinary experience and meaningful journey. We will cite to you the suggested cities to visit along with their famous places.

Prague, the capital of the state, has the most recommended landmarks and famous places to go with. The Prague Castle is the country’s most visited landmark and the attraction you should not miss. It is the world’s largest medieval castle complex on the records of the Guinness Book of World Records and home of the country’s great leaders especially in the times of the Holy Roman Empire. Since it was built in the ninth century, this architectural wonder in the City of Prague has been renovated due to wars in the past just to preserve its historical value. Different architectural styles like Bohemian, Gothic, and Romanesque inspire the whole grounds of the historic castle. Also in Prague lies the well-known Charles Bridge, which connects the city to Mala Strana. This Gothic style stone bridge is another must see tourist attraction where you can have the chance to experience watching the beautiful sunset at the romantic bridge.

Brno, the second largest city, is respected as the “capital of trade fairs in Central Europe because of the trade fairs held in this city annually at the Brno Exhibition Center. In Ostrava, the interesting places on this city are the Ostrava Castle, Clock Tower in New Town Hall, and The Hornicke Museum.

A Medieval Journey in Czech Republic Famous Places

Visiting the famous places in Czech Republic will take you to the medieval times, particularly in the small city of Cesky Krumlov. One of the famous places here is the Cesky Krumlov Castle where different designs of complex architectural styles can also be seen just like the Prague Castle. This is also the reason why the city was included as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are also old monasteries inside the city like the Zlata Koruna or known as The Golden Crown. The most advisable month to visit the city is June when the Five-Petalled Rose Festival is being celebrated. If you’re looking for adventures then you can go for hiking in the Sumava National Park, it is also the largest in the country. Other top cities of Czech Republic are Karlovy Vary, Liberec, Marianske Lazne, Usti nad Labern, and Zlin Plzen that also feature historical places that will remind you of the artistic styles of the past.

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