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Santa Cruz Travel Guide

Are you a beach lover and wants to know the best beach places along with the main tourist attractions in Santa Cruz? If that is the case then we will show you the Santa Cruz tourist attractions and other fun places to go just to make your vacation a noteworthy experience to remember.

What to do in Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz, also known as the “Surf City”, is a well-known city in California which is famous for its amazing boardwalks and beaches. This is the reason why many tourists during summer travel to this wonderful city to visit the beautiful beaches and resorts and have fun in the downtown area. The coastal redwood forests have relaxing scenery for those who seek for comfort and peace of mind, while in the downtown you can enjoy shopping in the unique shops, watch your favorite movies in the cinemas, have a good time listening to the music at the Civic Auditorium with the famous Santa Cruz Symphony, or dine and wine in the restaurants, nightclubs, and hotels. Let’s have a short tour in the Santa Cruz County to look for the best tourist attractions and other fun places to go in the city.

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is one of the top tourist destinations in the area. This amazing Boardwalk is within a mile long beach and serves as an amusement park for the whole family due to its fun rides and old-fashioned carnival games. Within the park you will find the two historical landmarks, the Giant Dipper Wooden Roller Coaster built in 1924 and the Looff Carousel constructed way back in 1911. If you want to go for a swim, the beach is very accessible from the park and there’s a lot of food to eat in the snack booths that can be found all over the park. On the other hand, the Natural Bridges State Beach is the home of the Monarch Butterflies and features a natural bridge, a must-see in the beach. Or you can pay a visit to the Mystery Spot to unveil the mystery within the place which was believed by many that “physics and gravity do not apply”, it is located in 465 Mystery Spot Rd.

More Main Tourist Attractions in Santa Cruz

The West Cliff Drive is another perfect place for adventure because of the Steamer’s Lane which offers best surfing experience to all surfers out there. It is also best for biking, roller skating, and other outdoor activities. You can stroll along the cliffs and visit the well-known Surfer’s Museum located in the Lighthouse Field.

If you’re looking for the best coffee shops, fine dining, boutiques, cinemas, nightclubs, and more stores to shop then the Pacific Garden Mall has the best offerings for you. The mall is located in the downtown where there are extra wide sidewalks and benches which are intended for the passersby and it is the busiest area in the city during peak seasons.

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