Popular Places to Visit in Australia

Places to Go in Australia

Are you wondering about the popular places to visit in Australia? If you are planning to visit Australia, we have provided you with a list of the most popular destinations in this southern hemisphere nation. Going to Australia means doing things far from the normal tourist activities like water sports and sightseeing in the urban centers. The country also offers a trip to see exotic animals, beautiful mountains, rainforest and a desert. You can find all these in just one country.

The popular places to visit in Australia are distributed in the country’s six states. It is interesting to note that the flora and fauna in the continent is unique only to it. Animals like kookaburras, emus, kangaroos, koala bears and dingoes all symbolize Australia and all its diverse inhabitants.

Once you have decided to go, you cannot miss these popular places to visit in Australia. Top on the list is the Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef in the world. The diverse life forms that the reef support s is hard to believe but true. Atop the reef there are also a broad range of birds that can be found. The Great Barrier Reef is an excellent adventure site for scuba divers. In the Western part of the country there is another reef worth visiting, the Ningaloo Reef where you can enjoy walking on its sandy beaches and ogling beautiful sea creatures in the water.

Next on the list is the Sydney Harbor which is in fact a natural harbor and is a background for the equally magnificent Sydney Opera House. The Sydney Opera House is a popular venue for performances of both local and foreign productions and is largely popular for its unique architectural design. The Harbor Bridge can provide a thrilling adventure for those who are courageous enough to climb it.

Another interesting place to go to is Tasmania, a place with an untouched natural beauty. Several sports and musical shows are among the reasons it is a very popular destination. There also are food festivals that attract tourists in droves. Its popular products include wines, cheeses and dairy. At night, you can even meet some unique animals like pademelons, wallabies and possums.

If you are looking for beautiful and unique views and enjoy you can take a cruise around Kimberley found in Western part of Australia. Its attractions include rainforests, rivers, cliffs and falls. Kimberly boasts of two magnificent falls that are certainly worth a visit. The Kimberley area also has a national park.

When visiting Australia one should never miss going to the Ayers rock or Uluru, the world’s largest monolith which is made of sand stone that changes color throughout the day from light brown to deep red. Uluru is also very well-known and has become one of Australia’s most famous symbols. It is best seen at sunset and sunrise.

If you favor skiing there are also mountains where you can enjoy this activity. However, if you are not brave or healthy enough for this, hiking would be the best thing for you.

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