Places to See in Grand Canyon

Fun Places to go in Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon visiting places are simply different and unique as they present a mix of tradition and modernity. There are various places to see in Grand Canyon like the Hermit Point, Hopi House, Yavapai Observation Station, the Colorado River, Lipan Point. You can even sit on the mules and enjoy a fuller ride down the road if you wish.

Grand Canyon is said to be one of the most overpowering and majestic places to be visited especially if you want to enjoy something unique and different. The Grand Canyon National Park is known amongst the visitors primarily due to the river which flows through it.

What to see at Grand Canyon

At the visitor center you can take a walk which will give you a detailed history of the park. The Yavapai Observation Station is also located nearby from the Park. At this station you can witness the geology of the Grand Canyon as well as Phantom Ranch. If you walk through the rim trail, you will witness a number of temples which give a splendid look.

Most of the travellers also love to take a walk at the Hermit Road, from here you can visit the Canyon in its totality. Through the road you can also reach and have a wonderful experience at the village life of the local population.
Grandview point is said to be one of the best points which gives you a splendid look of the Grand Canyon. If you are one of those who love to see the sunrise or sunset then you need to simply head on to the Yaki Point. Watching the Colorado River in its full majesty is possible through the Desert View Point.

Best Places to visit in Grand Canyon

Lipan Point is considered to be yet another point which gives a better look of the Grand Canyon. It consists of many twists and turns. From here you can also visit the Unkar Delta which is located close by.

Hopi House is said to be one of the historically known buildings situated in the city. If you are the one who loves to collect the American crafts and wares then you must should visit this house as in the past it used to serve as a residence of the artisans.

Mules are also available to take you down the road and if you are interested in exploring the place all the more.

Travellers visiting Las Vegas are also very much interested in visiting the Grand Canyon. The distance between the two is that of around 180 miles which perhaps won’t be much if you are an avid traveller who loves to explore something new always. So, do visit the canyon if you are on your way to Las Vegas. You can ask a tour company to take you there or else you can drive on your own also.

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