Historical Places in Michigan

Historical Places to Visit in Michigan

Places of historical importance in Michigan are many and each has a history of its own to tell. These include St. Ignace Church, The Great Lake Region, Whitefish Point, Andrew J. Backbird Museum, Chippewa Nature Center. These and more are some of the best historical places in Michigan.

Michigan is known for its historical places the world over. It has a number of places to visit and hence can be said to be historically quite a rich city.

Places of Historical Importance

The Great Lake Region is said to be one of the best historical places in Michigan. You can discover a lot of happenings of the American history from this region and so the travellers do visit this place. The Whitefish Point is known as the “graveyard of the great lakes” you will be able to see a large number of artifacts as well as snapshots of the shipwrecks. Some of these could be more than a century old as well. The best thing is the short film which is being shown to the visitors here.

Yet another worth visiting place is the Tahquamenon Falls State Park. Over here the must see are the Upper Falls which simply looks mesmerising and are said to be one of the best. Tourists can also have a view of the Lower Falls where they can go for hiking as well.

St Ignace and more Historical Places

St Ignace is said to be a Gem in Michigan. It is the graveyard of Pere Marquette’s. You will have a great time here where you can climb the rocks, visit the castle, you can even have an experience of the Mystery Spot. You will also get a chance to come in contact with the local population of the area who might even ask you to visit the totem village.

As you move ahead you will come across the historical St. Ignatius Church. St Ignace was in fact the patron of Peter Marquette. It also needs to be mentioned that St. Ignace city stands at being the third oldest city in America which in itself is a landmark for the city. You can also visit the Fort de Buade which has a history of its own to share.

Alden Dow House and Studio was in the past the house and studio of Alden B. Dow who was an architect of world fame. The place has been declared as a historical landmark.

If you go deeper into the city there are a number of other historical landmarks in the city to be visited and each has a new story to tell. Some of these include Andrew J. Backbird Museum which is located at Harbor Springs; Centre for Cultural and Natural History at Bellows St; Chippewa Nature Center at Badour Road.

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