Places to Visit in USA in Summer

Best Summer Vacation Spot in USA

Are you having hard time in choosing the best places to visit in USA in summer? Let us lessen your worries as we accompany you to the best summer vacation spot in USA and we have more tips for you on how you will spend your summer vacation with worthwhile experiences.

The Recommended Places to Visit in USA in Summer

Summer is one of the best times of the year that’s why many of us are wondering on how they will spend their summer vacation. To travel is one of the best choices and USA is one of the target destinations of many tourists around the world. If you’re not familiar with the best places to visit in USA this summer then we will be your tour guide on choosing the top summer vacation spot.

USA has been blessed of natural wonders aside from being the most industrialized country in the world. To preserve the blessings of Mother Nature, several national parks have been established and one of them is the Mesa Verde National Park in the state of Colorado in North America. Here you will see the architectural wonders built by the early native Indians as they call it the “Cliff Palace”. Another wonderful place to visit is the Yellowstone National Park situated in the state of Wyoming. It is the first national park in the world and famous for its “Old Faithful Geyser”. Meanwhile, the Carlsbad Caverns National Park is also a favorite tourist destination because of the eye-catching show cave, the “Carlsbad Caverns”, which features a large cave chamber of natural limestones and considered as the seventh largest cave chamber in the world. One more National Park that should not be missed is the Crater Lake National park in southern Oregon. This features Mount Mazama, (this is said to be remains of a destroyed volcano according to scientists) where you will see the Crater Lake which is famous in the world because of its clear deep blue waters and looks like a God’s haven making a sacred site for the ancient people. Inside the national park offers different activities like hiking, fishing, and swimming. The lake is fully accessible every summer so it is advisable to pay a visit during the summer season. There are several observation points within the park so you will get a full view of the whole place.

Best Beach for Summer Vacation in USA

Summer is not complete without visiting beach resorts. In USA, states like Florida, California, and Hawaii are the home of best beach resorts of the country. Miami Beach in Florida has beautiful beaches like the “South Beach” where topless sunbathing is allowed inside the resort. While San Diego has many “free-to-public” beaches, the La Jolla Cove is the best tourist destination in the area because of the incomparable sunset setting. On the other hand, the big island of Hawaii is a perfect island getaway with its natural beaches.

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