Places to Eat in Inverness

Where to Eat in Inverness

Eating out in Inverness is not a problem because you can select from various restaurants that offer different cuisines. If you are asking where to eat in Inverness, then let this be your guide to tasting the real authentic Scottish dish. You can also try other cuisines from other parts of the world. Surely this place will not disappoint you.

A city found in Scotland, Inverness is home to some great attractions that you shouldn’t miss while you are in Europe. From castles, to art galleries and old structures, there are a lot of places to explore. For tourist who loves the great outdoors, there is body of waters like lakes and beaches that surrounds the area as well. Visitors are not only treated with numerous places of interests but Inverness also offers wide variety of restaurants whatever your food trip or budget is. High quality restaurants dotted the whole city that offers different cuisines ranging from Scottish food to other international dinning experience such as Spanish, French, and Italian among others. All are made from the best local produce in the market. Aside from restaurants, there are other venues where you can eat out or have a cup of coffee. You can also find small cafés with relax atmosphere if you are in Inverness for a holiday. Try also some pubs and bars in English style where you can taste local beer and wines.

Restaurants and Cafes around Inverness City

Ash Restaurant and Lounge Bar

The setting can be described as modern cocktail bar and bistro. If you want a glimpse of Inverness dinning scene, then ash is the place to go. It is a favorite restaurant by both locals and tourist. You will definitely experience something new and classic design restaurant with the Georgian architecture. This is where you will experience variety of dishes that is Scottish inspired. Guest can be treated with candle lit dinner that is so perfect. You can take your time eating lunch or enjoying a sumptuous supper. It is a combination of great ambience, exceptional service and quality food.

The Mustard Seed

This modern restaurant overlooks the banks of River Ness. It is a family restaurant that is so relax and informal. It is actually an old church that is converted into this nice eating place. You can still see the remnants of vaulted ceilings and arched windows. The color scheme of the place is mustard yellow. The old architecture is highlighted with decorations and furniture to accentuate the place. You will definitely go back to this place because they change their menu every week. They also have a special menu for children and vegetarian.

La Tortilla Asesin

A Spanish restaurant in the heart of the city is where you can find the real tapas in Scotland. You can select from 41 tapas on the menu so there is something to suit the kind of flavors that you craved. Even if you are a vegetarian, you will surely appreciate this restaurant.

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