Places to Eat in Derbyshire

Best Restaurants in Derbyshire

Aside from places of interests, the food offered by Derbyshire is one of the most sought after. Visiting Derbyshire is not complete without dining at some of its finest restaurants. Each of this food places has something to offer that can completely satisfy your taste. Whether you are visiting for just a short time or for a weekend, it is best if you can drop by some of the top restaurant in the area.

Derbyshire is found in the heart of England and it is on the west of Peak District County. As we all know Peak District is a spot that is defined by hills and moors. There are a lot of historic houses in Derbyshire such as Chatsworth House, Renishaw Hall, and Bolsover Castle. Aside from places of interest, Derbyshire is also divided by several villages that offer exotic cuisine. As they say, your visit to this place is not complete without tasting the mouthwatering dishes. Here are some best restaurants that you might want to add in your itinerary.

Bella Blu

This Italian restaurant is good for those hard to impress people. Luckily if you are a budget traveler, you would love this restaurant because the dishes are not that expensive and thy offer huge serving. The whole place is both friendly and stylish. The tables are apart from each other for intimate conversation among guest. If you are in the area, you can visit the Bolsover Castle. They are famous for their appetizer that includes the Bruchetta Classica.

Dovecote Restaurant

This is situated in a farmhouse built in 18th century. It gives any guest opportunity to taste Continental and English cuisines. You would definitely love the architecture of the restaurant because of its brick walls, vaulted ceilings and more. They offer a lot of classic dishes and the temptation of their desserts.

Lamb and Sean Restaurant

This is an ideal place if you want explore Derbyshire in terms of food. This can caters to the taste of any visitor or passerby in this area. The restaurant is described to be charming and elegant. Before heading out to a busy day, start it with a full English breakfast which they are known for. During the evening, the ambiance becomes more romantic and formal. You can select from their fine collection of wine that can complement your meal.

The Bay Tree Restaurant

For twenty one years, this restaurant has gained reputation of offering new world cuisine. World renowned chefs combined good service, relaxing ambiance and heart warming dishes. This is a popular place for breakfast, dinner and special occasions. They have extensive wine list that can complement the food being served.

Darleys Restaurant & Terrace

This restaurant is located in an old mill beside the river that gives a soothing ambiance. If you are a vegetarian, this restaurant will surely cater to your needs. Everything is very tempting especially their two course meals.

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