Top Destinations in East Sussex

Places to see in East Sussex, England

East Sussex, a county in the South East of England, has been attracting local and foreign tourists with its beautiful seaside resorts, breath-taking coastal area, parks and gardens, historic landmarks such as old castles and abbeys, museums and art centers, old cathedrals, and also hospitable people.

East Sussex is a county in the South East of England which has been popular for its breathtaking landscape, river system, seaside resorts, and historic castles.

Main Attractions in East Sussex

Historic Landmarks

Because the county has a rich culture and history, visitors can expect to see historic landmarks such as old castles, abbeys, and fortresses.

Since the Middle Ages, several castles were built in the county; this includes the Bodiam Castle which has been considered as one of the most important historic landmarks in Britain; Prevensey Castle which dates back during the Roman Era; and Herstmonceux Castle which has a romantic Elizabethan walled garden.

Other popular historic landmarks are Newhaven Fort, Anne of Cleves House, and Battle Abbey.

Beautiful Countryside

For visitors who want to have a genuine experience of a beautiful countryside, they should visit Sussex’s charming towns such as Alfriston which has narrow streets and numerous cafes; Winchelsea which is the smallest town in England; and Rye which is popular for its antique shops and historic buildings.

Beautiful Seaside Resorts

The coastal of Sussex has pristine water suitable for swimming and water sports activities. In addition, tourists can also visit these three best resorts in the area: Hastings and St. Leonard’s, Brighton, and Eastbourne.

Pubs, Bars, and Clubs

Because of the laidback atmosphere, pubs are very popular in East Sussex as these provide locally-produced beers, wines, and ales which are considered to be the best in the world.

Artistic Buildings

To see artistic buildings, churches are probably the best place to visit. Meanwhile, the two most popular churches in East Sussex are Denys Cathedral and the Berwick Church, both of which have ornate interiors.

Aside from churches, tourists can also visit other remarkable and artistic buildings including Charleston which is a farmhouse famous for its extravagant murals and cottage-style cottage; and Towner Art Gallery which houses an extensive collection of 19th and 20th century paintings which are painted by Eric Ravilious, a British artist who focused on making arts depicting wars.

Other Attractions

For tourists travelling with children, the county offers many family-oriented attractions including Drusilla’s Park which is a zoo and adventure park, Paradise Park which shows replicas of Dinosaurs, and Yesterday’s World which showcases the rich history of the British.

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