Best Places to Stay and See in Maine

Things to do in Maine

There are several best places to stay in Maine which include its rugged coastline, numerous white sand beaches, seafood restaurants, nightspots and famous landmarks, quaint lighthouses, thousands of lakes and rivers, mountain ranges, and river valleys. Aside from these, the region has also been attracting tourists with its several festivals and celebrations.

Maine is a state in New England which has a breathtaking landscape consists of rugged coastline, mountain ranges, river valleys, and lakes. However, the state also has cities where nightlife and famous landmarks are attracting tourists.

Sightseeing for Tourists

Because the region has a long coastline, there are numerous lighthouses which give this place a quaint but picturesque landscape. One of the most popular lighthouses lies in the Bass Harbor Head which is located on the southern end of Mt. Desert Island.

Another popular lighthouse is the Portland Head which is a conical tower inspired by Victorian design that lies in Fort William Park.

Boating also allows tourists to see the captivating beauty of Maine’s 5,500-mile coastline and enjoy activities such as whale-watching and fishing. In addition to this, the region has more than 6,000 lakes and rivers, some of which are ideal for waterskiing, boating, swimming, and other water sports activities.

Because Maine has preserved its wildlife, visitors can also enjoy hiking, bird watching, and a visit to waterfalls, estuaries, caves, and cliffs.

Outdoor Recreation and Adventure

There are several white sand beaches which are ideal for swimming, sunbathing, fishing, and other activities.

For bicycle enthusiasts, they will enjoy Maine’s numerous biking trails that will allow them to see the region’s natural beauty. With this, the most popular biking trails lie in the Acadia National Park where they can travel its 57-mile trails, and the roads of the Schoodic Peninsula.

Seafood Cuisine

A visit to the region is not complete without going to its restaurants which mostly serve lobsters in different preparations such as casserole, pie, stew, and even ice cream-flavored lobster.

Most restaurants also serve fresh seafood of all kinds including clams, scallops, shrimps, crabs, and fishes. However, tourists should not also miss to taste the traditional clam bake layers which consist of onions, potatoes, mussels, lobsters, seaweed, and corn which are all steamed with saltwater.

Festivals and Main Events

There are several summer festivals that aim to boost the tourism industry in the region. On the other hand, there are also a handful of winter celebrations (which are held in the months of January and February) that include snowmobile races, ice fishing contests, parades, performing arts, country fairs, and dog sledding.


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