Places of Interest in Lancashire

What to Visit in Lancashire

When it comes to what to visit in Lancashire? The answer is so many for your eyes and your heart. The place has a historic significance and there are various places of interest in Lancashire. The natural beauty accompanied with architectural beauty makes it one of the most visited places in England.

There are a number of places of interest to visit in the beautiful city of Lancashire, situated in the North West of England. Lancashire lies on the Irish sea and hence serenity pervades the entire city. When it comes to visiting places in Lancashire you would be overwhelmed to know that there exists multitude of such places. Apart from the local people even tourists regard it as a great destination.

Rivington Pike

It is a favourite place which gains importance since the whole of the city can be seen from there, which in itself is marvellous.

The Astley Hall

It is yet another place worth visiting. It is a country house and apart from the Museum it also consists of a Art Gallery. The Art Gallery is open for public viewing. The Astley Park is marked by greenery and landscapes.

Black Burn Cathedral

It is located at Blackburn in Lancashire. It is one of the oldest churches in the city and consists of the first stone built church which was built there in the ancient times.

East Lancashire Railway

This is a heritage railway line which is opened for various gala events and theme parties all the year through. The themes may include Diesel, Steam or the Thomas Events. The good aspect is that even driver experience courses are organised here. The railway line is around 12 miles long.

Lords of the Manor

It is a country house hotel which was built in the 17th century. Thus the historic places assume importance. Surrounded by beautiful villages and gardens, it has a name of its own owing to the idealistic surroundings, the food of the place is worth eating which is complemented with wine. The rooms are well suited to all with cleanliness, style and elegance adding much to the environment. Apart from this you can also enjoy various sports like golf, riding, pigeon

shooting and many more.

In fact the truth is that your stay will appear to be shot in Lancashire owing to the large number of places worth visiting. The list appears to be endless. The Hoghton Tower, Darwen Tower, Harris Musuem, Rufford Old Hall are just a few more places which you simply cannot afford to miss.

Throughout Lancashire, the aim is to make the guests feel like at home. The food is well, the hotels too are within the budget and almost all kinds of amenities will be made available to you during your stay.

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