Places to Visit in Norwich

Top Attractions in Norwich

If you want to visit a city that is so alive, Norwich is the place to be. Many tourists love this destination because of the attractions it has to offer ranging from medieval architecture, castles, museums, garden and a lot more. If you want to learn more about history, the city has a lot of places where you can revisit the past.

Norwich is located in the east of England. In the 11th century the city is one of the largest cities in the UK. Today Norwich is city that is so alive. The streets with filled with shop, music and arts. It is not just high street stores but you can also find boutique and open market. At night, lights are turned on in bars and restaurants. In terms of attractions, Norwich has a little bit of everything ranging from opera houses, museums and modern architecture. This medieval city is where you can find castles, cobbled streets, ancient pubs and a lot more. If you want a day trip or weekend stay, Norwich is the best destination. Any traveler would be happy with top attractions in Norwich. You can find several places to visit where you can revisit the city’s history and learn about its people. No matter the time of the year, you can explore and enjoy the city.


If you are seeking for a perfect place where to start your tour of Norwich, a suggestion is the Forum. This architecture is considered to be stunning and considered to be a landmark in this side of England. This building houses notable companies and even tourist information center. You can also have delicious lunch in this place.

Norwich Cathedral

Visiting this city will not be complete without stopping over the Norwich Cathedral. This place will definitely leave a lasting impression to its visitors. It is one of the highest structures in England. You can see the city from any point of the cathedral. You will be awestruck with its glass windows and its walkways. There are guided tours that are available.

Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery

This place can surely bring you back in time. This houses collection of history from Norman invasion up to present. You can join a guided tour that would take you to the battleground and experience the view of the city. There are also art exhibits featuring sculpture and modern artwork.

Plantation Garden

If you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the plantation garden is an escape that you are looking for. The 3 acres of ground serve as a peaceful retreat. It features fountain, bridge and walkways that are in the medieval theme.

The Bridewell

Another great attraction in Norwich is the bridewell where you can learn about the in depth history of the city. You can find different museums that showcase the past of Norwich.

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