Places to Stay in Ludlow

Where to Stay in Ludlow

Ludlow is more than a historical city. This is a place that offers tourists different structures. You can also find several places to stay while you are in Ludlow. This range from world class hotels, simple bed and breakfast to elegant country homes. Your choice is dependent on your budget and taste.

Ludlow is found on top of the beautiful river Teme. It is considered to be unspoiled city of England. Every part of this place clearly shows history. It is like visiting one big museum. Its history goes back to 900 years old in the time of Norman. This elegant market town clearly shows elegance in character. It is filled with unique shops. You can find different architecture ranging from castles, churches, medieval and Georgian structures. Geographically, it is located in the border of England and Wales. Tourists love this place because of its food and drink. The good news is the fact that Ludlow got quite a number of accommodations that can suit any traveler’s taste and budget.

Serviced Accommodation in Ludlow - Hotels, Inns and Bed & Breakfasts

The Feather’s Hotel

If you want to stay in an internationally recognized for both its accommodations and service, Feather’s hotel is a great choice. They offer forty bedrooms each with own spa bath. This place is known also for its contemporary dishes that are made from finest ingridients.


If you opt for bed and breakfast, then select Branlea which is located in the center of the city. The house can provide guest their warmest welcome. If you want privacy, this place can provide just that because the rooms are separated from owner’s home.

Corve View

This is another bed and breakfast accommodation that is built from stone. This is five minutes away from the center. It got all the modern conveniences that are found in standard accommodation. This charming place can assure you of warm welcome and the most relaxing stay will you are in Ludlow.

Dinham Hall

This elegant hotel can provide tourist with relaxing and comfortable accommodations. Its bedrooms are in perfect harmony with modern design. The grounds also have gardens if you want to stroll around.

Fishmore Hall

This structure can be classified as Georgian architecture. It is about ten minutes away from the center city of Ludlow. You can select from their 15 bedrooms. There is also outdoor restaurant and a function hall that can accommodate eighty people.

Orange Grange Country House

If you want to stay in the best hotel in Ludlow then choose to stay here in this place. It offers facilities such as sauna, spa and other relaxing treatments. It is notable for its high class rooms and excellent cuisine. You will sure love the magnificent view surrounding this place. You would also love the customer service it provides to its guests.

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