Places of Interest in Glasgow

Places to Visit in Glasgow, Scotland

There are countless of places of interest in Glasgow which is Scotland’s largest city. These include Victorian and Gothic buildings, beautiful parks and gardens, art galleries and museums, shopping centers, and Indian- and Scottish-inspired restaurants. These remarkable places are then complemented with the hospitality and friendliness of Glaswegians.

As the largest city in Scotland, there are countless of places of interest in Glasgow especially when its architecture, art, music, and culture are notable and highly-diverse. But just like any major cities in the world, tourists should prepare for the past-paced lifestyle and quite expensive accommodations.

However, this city is still worth a visit with its rich architecture which is greatly influenced by the flamboyance of the Victorian Era where the buildings’ interior boasts carved stonework.

These are some of the significant buildings of Glasgow:

Glasgow Church

This church was built in the medieval period and has been considered as one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture.

City Chambers

Located in George square, this building was built during the renaissance period and has been attracting thousands of tourists every year with its magnificent marble staircases, large banquet hall, and intricate lobbies and chambers.

Clyde Auditorium

This building, which is more commonly called Armadillo due to its shape, is a concert hall which is part of the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Center.

Meanwhile, the city also has several art galleries and museums to showcase its rich history and culture. But with several art centers to visit, these are some of the most widely visited by people:

Gallery of Modern Art

Located along Queen Street in the city center, this gallery has a wide collection of recent sculptures and paintings. And in the basement of this building, there is a public library and a cafeteria.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

This gallery, which is located on Argyle Street, has an extensive collection of decorative arts, ancient relics, and significant archeological findings.

Provand’s Lordship

This oldest house in the city is located in Castle Street and showcases the interior design of the medieval period.

Meanwhile, despite being a major industrial center, Glasgow has more parks and gardens compared to most cities in UK. One of the most famous public parks is Glasgow Green which is the home of some city landmarks including the Doulton Fountain which is the world’s largest terracotta fountain, the People’s Palace Museum, and Nelson’s Memorial.

In addition, this park, with its large open space, is usually the venue for major concerts, events, and festivals.

In terms of cuisine, the city has a large number of Indian restaurants (most of which are located between Charing Cross and Berkeley Street), making it the “Curry Capital of Britain”.

However, there also a large number of restaurants that serve traditional Scottish cuisine (most of these are located in the Merchant City and West End).


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