Cape Cod Places To See

Top Five Cape Cod Places to Visit

If you want to visit Cape Cod, this is the perfect time to start planning. You don’t have to be a travel expert to know the best places. Check out the best places to see below.

There are many places to explore and if you love traveling, you should consider visiting Cape Cod. This is the ideal place if you’re looking for wildlife, islands, lighthouses, towns, and beaches. Why is it that many people are allured to Massachusetts’s eastern edge peninsula? Working hard for a whole year can be very tiring. As the cliché goes, all work and no play make a person dull. You can enjoy the life and nature that Cape Cod offers. All you have to do is decide on the vacation dates and plan ahead of time.

Top Five Attractions

Here are some of the places that you can visit while you’re in this exciting place:

  • Race Point
  • King’s Highway
  • Wellfleet Sanctuary
  • National Seashore
  • Highland Light

The northern point is called Provincetown and that is also the place where you can find Race Point. It offers unparalleled views of Cape Cod Bay, the Atlantic waters, and the sand dunes. If you love hiking, you can also go the lighthouse which is about two miles if you take a walk. You can also take dip at the beach and you will love it there because there are no rocks. You even get to see enough boat traffic because the place has a harbor nearby. Don’t worry about accommodation because you can stay in the many inns and B&Bs.

Instead of going to Route 6, it would be best if you explore Route 6A or King’s Highway because it showcases antique houses dating back to the Colonial era. You will also be able to see seafood restaurants, farmhouses, antique shops, and the most beautiful beaches. To see the pristine beauty of Cape Cod, you should visit Wellfleet Sanctuary because it has marshes, walking paths, and the hummingbird or butterfly gardens. It is definitely a sanctuary that is worth visiting.

The national seashore of Cape Cod is a protected area with a total shoreline area of forty miles! It includes the open waters of Atlantic, cranberry bogs, and natural beaches. This is a must-see because if you get a pass from the National Park Service, you can explore the beaches, woods, and wildlife. Near Route 6, you will find Truro and this is where the Highland Lighthouse is located. The current structure was erected in 1857, with the efforts of bringing the lighthouse inland and away from the cliffs.

Lighthouses and Other Options

You can find a lot of lighthouses in Cape Cod. Some can be found inland but you can also find ones near the wind-blasted cliffs, rugged coastlines, and harbor islands. Because of the engineering and functional design of these structures, a lot of tourists are attracted.

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