Cancun Places to Visit

Top Cancun Places to See

If you want to visit Cancun, you will have to plan the vacation in advance. Even if this is your first time to visit, you will have a great time. Make sure that you look into the activities and have a memorable vacation.

Most people think that Cancun is a place for those who love tropical beaches. However, if you try to conduct a thorough research, you will be able to discover places that you never thought existed. The place is quite known for its Mayan ruins, museums, aquatic activities, and theme parts. If the Mayan ruins caught your attention, you will have to go south to reach Tulum or Xcaret. The locals usually perform dances and the ball-court game.

The white sand, crystal clear seas, nightlife, restaurants, and romantic nights in the Caribbean are what you can expect from Cancun. It is also a well-renowned place for water sports, balmy climate, archeological sites, snorkeling, diving, and fishing. You can have fun at any time of the day or night. Whether you’re a rich vacationer, a student, or someone on a tight budget, you will be able to choose the places to explore and the activities to get involved in.

The City

This is commonly referred to as Centro. Although it is not always promoted, you can go to the city if you are staying for a week or longer. While you’re in Cancun, you have to explore all the attractions and places to get the most out of your vacation. Staying too long in your hotel or on the beach can also be overwhelming. Visiting Centro will give you a different experience. You can find shopping facilities, restaurants, and semi-peaceful establishments. If you want to get away from the other tourists, Centro is worth stopping by.


You can find lots of shopping facilities in Cancun such as open markets, street vendors, chic boutiques, shops, and modern malls. From jewelry to cigars, anything you need can be found in the Cancun stores!

Places to Visit

Here are some of the best places that you can visit while you’re in Cancun:

  • Jungle Tour at Aquaworld – you can take a boat as you explore the mangroves and coral reefs. There you can find a sub-see explorer with para-chairs. The experience is like diving to another world with your family or friends.
  • La Destileria – this is a museum-restaurant that is at Kukulcan Blvd. Guided tours begin at five in the afternoon on Mondays and Wednesdays. If you are interested in the making of tequila, you shouldn’t miss this one.
  • Parque Nizuc – this marine park will allow you to swim in their wave pool, waterslides, and you can even go snorkeling.
  • Captain Hook - if you love the story of Peter Pan, then you will also love the galleon replicas that can hold around 350 passengers. You can play games, eat delicious foods, and watch the pirate shows.
  • Minigolf – if you can’t take your mind off golfing, you can play the game at the Cancun Palace Hotel.


After a tiring day of having fun, make sure that you eat in any of the restaurants in Cancun. You can find them almost anywhere and they offer meals for vegetarians, meat lovers, and other foods that are mouth-watering. This is your chance to fill your stomach with good and delicious foods. Find the right restaurant and eat to your heart’s content!

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