Famous Places in Rajasthan

Famous Places to see in Rajasthan

Planning to go on a trip? Uncertain where you might be heading? Why not try Rajasthan? Hmm… might be something new to your ears. But Rajasthan offers a lot of attractions and beautiful places to visit, like the palaces and mansions and the museums therein. Here are some of the beautiful places you might be enjoying if you visit Rajasthan.

A Short Info on Rajasthan

The palaces and old stone fortresses in Rajasthan will simply amaze you and it is a sure fire hit that will take your breath away. One such palace is the City palace of Udaipur. It is a palace that looks over the lake Pichola, A truly magnificent sight to see. Another City palace is the City Palace of Alwar. A city palace built in the 1700s by raja Bakhtawar. This enormous fort with its fortifications stretching 5 kilometers from east to west and stands at 595 meters above sea level and 304 meters on top of the city, built before the Mughal Empire’s raise .Babar spent an evening at this fort and get the hidden treasures and give them to Humayun, his son. This palace was once the part of the grand lifestyles of the Maharajas. Nowadays this is however converted into government offices but its beauty and charms remain untarnished by the changing times.

Other Things to See

The palace also offers a palace museum where a collection of exhibits of the wealth of the Maharajas are on display for the public to see and appreciate. The finest RAGAMAGALA paintings are also on display there. There also exist on display at the armory section of the museum a variety of historic swords belonging to Emperor akbar, the sultan Muhammad Ghori and Aurangzeb.

The largarh palace at Bikaner, a masterpiece in architectural craftsmanship made out of red sandstone. Beneath the palace walls are enshrined beautifully maintained paintings and a collection of hunting trophies. A masterpiece of design and engineering, this palace has on display intricate filigree work and latticework exhibited the refinements and delicacy of craftsmanship. This beautiful palace is now converted into a fine hotel.

The places mentioned above are just some of the popular places to go in Rajasthan. A lot more places are there to be discovered. Rajasthan is a place rich with history and culture. Architectural wonders and engineering feats are abundant in Rajasthan. Surely a must visit place. Certainly one of my best choices to visit, even one of the best places to go before my life ends. So do not let the opportunity pass you by. Visit Rajasthan when you have the chance and surely, regret is the last item on your itinerary.

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