Activities to Do In Chicago

Fun Activities to Do In Chicago

Being active and avoiding being stagnant while in the city of Chicago is a hard thing to do when a lot of activities are out there to do. A stay in Chicago is never dull nor is boring for a variety of things to do at the disposal of anybody staying in Chicago.

Ideal and Enjoyable Activities in Chicago

There are a lot of options on the things to do while in Chicago. Outdoor activities that will cater to the outdoorsman that is in you are there. One can go camping at the different camping spots in the locality. Why not go around the many museums in Chicago, like the museum of science and industry. Or explore the city through the running tours offered by the tourist guides. That is hitting two birds in one stone for you are exercising while exploring the city.

If you love the animal kingdom and find beauty in the grace and raw wild nature of the animals then a trip to the zoo is best suited for you. The Lincoln Park Zoo was established in the late 1800s and is thirty five acres of beautifully landscaped zoo. This is also one the last free admitting zoo so it will not cost a buck to visit this zoo. Would you like to see the source of drinking water of the city of Chicago? Then travel to Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan offers a lot of beaches to choose from. It is the summertime playground for the young and those young at heart. It is also the access point to the Atlantic. It is a great place to relax at the beach and enjoy the warm summer breeze.

How about shopping? Then the magnificent mile is just the right place to spend those hard earned dollars. This is an upscale shopping district that is located in north Michigan Avenue. Come to the magnificent mile on the holidays and be amazed by the brilliant magnificent mile lights festival that is filled with holiday music and entertainment. Plus, street sales are abundant during these times.

Fine dining, shops and cultural attractions is what will get your fix then go to the place where all of these things are located into a 50 acre property called the Navy pier. You are never too far away from these wonders of the modern world and if you ever get hungry in all the shopping and indulgence you made in this place, a restaurant is never too far away.

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