Fun Things to Do in Madison, WI

Madison WI Fun Places

Madison fun places are famous all across the city since there are so many places to visit and do the fun filled activities along with your family. Madison fun places includes the Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Henry Villas Zoo, Madison Children’s Museum, Uptop lounge, Overture Center for arts and many more.

There are so much of fun filled and recreational activities in Madison WI, that it serves as the perfect place for your holidays. If you are coming to visit the place with your family, you will surely love to enjoy and do the fun things which perhaps you might have never done before.

Olbrich Botanical Gardens

These are said to be one of the most popular attractions of the city and your visit is incomplete if you fail to visit this place. The garden includes a host of good things like rose garden, perennial garden, herb garden. Apart from this it also includes wildflower garden and a tropical conservatory. It is quite unique in its own self and hence worthy of a visit. You will surely enjoy.

Henry Villas Zoo

This is a memorable place to be visited by you and you will love to be amongst those animals and birds which perhaps you might have not seen ever before. The zoo boasts of some of the animals which have came here from across the world like African lions, tortoises which have been brought from Galapagos Islands.

Madison Children’s Museum

It is considered to be fun filled place meant for the children. There are so many animals and gardens to be seen here.

The state street is associated with sports like football as well as for bars and parties. There are so many bars in the street that you will surely have fun all the night. Some of the best bars include Irish Pub, Pantheon bar, Hawks, City bar and many more such bars.

Uptop lounge is one of the coolest places in Madison, WI. These are one of the most visited places and are always packed with people who are out there for fun. The atmosphere is quite soothing there owing to the live music and beer tents which are made there.

Overture Center for Arts

You will love going to this place where music of international beats are played like the jazz, classical, opera. It is said to be a complete entertainment place.

Little A Merrick Amusement Park

A must place to be visited with your children. You will have almost everything here which can be said to be fun filled like the roller coasters, bumper cars, narrow gauge steam. The place also boasts of diesel locomotives, thus it is quite an exhilarating experience to be here. You are certainly going to have a gala time here.

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