Milwaukee Things to See

Things to See in Milwaukee

Every visit to a place different from the place we came from should be fun and full of memories. This may be actualized by doing things that have a unique twist endemic to the place we are staying. If you are planning to stay or visit Milwaukee and are curious of what activities you can do to make the stay in Milwaukee memorable and fun then you are in luck for here are some of the things that you can do.

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For avid fans of baseball, a visit to the state of the art miller park is a must. It is a representation of the architectural heritage of the city. You will enjoy watching a baseball game in the only ballpark that boast of a fan shaped roof that can be opened and it also have a natural grass playing field. You can even smell the fragrance of freshly manicure grass when you are in the ball park. But if your visit to the park eventually happened without the benefit of a scheduled game, then there is no need to worry for there is a place in the ballpark that will cater to all the baseball fanatics out there and that is the “hot corner”.

If the call of the wild is in your blood, then a visit to one of the top zoos in the country will certainly make your visit to Milwaukee a surefire hit. The Milwaukee zoo covers over two hundred acres of beautiful, lush parklands that houses over two thousand five hundred different species of the animal kingdom. The Milwaukee public museum is a must see when visiting Milwaukee. It is one of the nation’s best natural history museums. It features a beautiful butterfly garden called the Puelicher butterfly wing.

Another museum to see while in Milwaukee is the Captain Fredric Pabst mansion. It was the house that was built by the founder of Pabst brewery. It is one of the nationally recognized house museums in existence. It brings the past of Milwaukee back into the present. Add to list of must see a museum in Milwaukee is the Milwaukee art museum. It houses some of the finest art collections in the world. Also, you should not miss a stroll in the Mitchell Park horticultural conservatory. The domes in the park lets you experience the different climates and natural conditions that exit in the different locations in the world. And you do not need a passport to experience those climates and whether conditions for they can be experienced all under one roof or shall we say the different domes that features this type of a climatologically environment.

If you are a devout catholic then you must not miss the opportunity to visit the basilica of St, Josaphat. It is a church patterned after the St, Peters Basilica located in the seat of power of the entire Roman Catholic world.

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