Why is Your Travel Company Ignoring You

How to Draw the Attention of the Travel Companies

13,168 complaints in 2007 prove the fact that customer care services are a bit reluctant in serving to the needs of the customer. Many big travel organizations, hotels, airlines and cruise lines have made a significant change in the process of customer service either by automating the process or outsourcing the same to any foreign client in view of reducing the cost.

As a result of which is customers with their query have to withstand the process of getting themselves heard.

With the increasing number of complaints to the customer care services are also declining to the needs of the people. Not only the increasing number of complaints is the only root cause by a company at our many causes like new policy and reductions imposing strict reductions which gradually leads to the delayed process of hearing our problems which are gradually ignored.

You might be surprised by the response of your travel company when you speak to them regarding your complaints but you have to accept the fact that their promises are wearing fading colors day by day.

With the travel and tourism industry growing up, the number of customers, customer care executives have to deal with is also increasing. Hence, the major point that has to be kept in mind before registering any complaint is that you should be quite strong about the area of your dissatisfaction. The more casual you are, less is the chance that you will be heard.

Providing the company with a written evidence of your complaint is more likely to be acted over rather than a long conversation on the phone regarding the same. Sometimes language might stand as an inevitable barrier and exchange of ideas might get interrupt which ultimately forces the other person to show least interest towards the complaint.

Specific and serious complaints are more preferred than a list of small complaints that could be easily managed or solved by the person itself. It is because no one likes to hear common and personal disgusts in form of complaints that not only kill their precious time but also reduces the right of a deserved person. Shortcut and pinpointed complaint letters are always preferred more than essays written by customers regarding the problem.

Last but not the least is the fact that one has to be polite and humble when speaking to wear travel agent as keeping cool can sometimes solve the problem directly because the other person might be just in the mood to listen some good words which would do the trick for you.

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