Where the Super Hot Babes go to Play

Best Destinations for the Super Hot Babes

Sometimes the popularity of a holiday spot increases if a celebrity and specially a hot and sexy supermodel choose it as her holiday destination.

Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Adriana Lima, Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen, Milla Jovovich. Arenít these names enough to draw your attention? Only the name of such supermodels is enough to attract a large number of tourists to a holiday spot.

There are some hotspots where celebrities prefer to spend their holidays. Dubai is quite preferred for its golden sunshine and exclusive shopping opportunities. You may have the glimpse of Victoria Beckam and Paris Hilton in Dubai. Badrutt’s Palace in St. Moritz, Chic Mountain resort in the southern part of Swiss Alps may give you a surprise when you would see Claudia Schiffer in Badrutt’s Palace. To the King’s club, Liz Hurley and Kate Moss are routine visitors.

According to Melissa Sarrazin, a manager at IMG Models, supermodels opt for more private holidays in personal villas or private hangout places which are away from public gathering and also provide mental tranquility for them. Selita Ebanksfan prefers Hotel Guanahani & Spa on St. Barts, and tags it as one of the most comfort able and relaxing places she has ever visited.

Mallorca in Spain is also preferred by many hot babes for chilling out in their private holidays. Supermodel Kate Moss in her previous trip to the island had opted to spend her days at La Residencia Hotel, a charming hideaway nestled in the hills of Mallorca’s northwest coast. This marvelous place attracts other celebrities like Andrew Lloyd Webber, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones who have their personal hide-out places in this beautiful land.

Not to forget the Brazilian diva Gisele Bundchen as most of the times prefers her home place Brazil as her most favorite holiday destination. The island of Florianopolis, located just off the southern coast, is also preferred by another Brazilian beauty Adriana Lima and Naomi Campbell. Another bombshell who is often bestowed as perfect woman, Heidi Klum and Seal are the proud owners of a villa in Costa Careyes, Mexico. The beautiful are between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo upholds the dignity of having the 50-villa community that has been keen attraction of many stars like Christie Brinkley, Claudia Schiffer, Uma Thurman and Giorgio Armani. The most obvious reason for such a choice is privacy and safety. All the celebrities just love to hang out in their most preferred location with their loved ones just because to feel the true essence of life which they most of the times forget in their world of glamour and style.

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