Who Thinks Ireland is Boring

Virtual Tour of Ireland

Who thinks Ireland is boring? For those people who are looking for a different kind of paradise on earth minus the frenzy tourists sites where it is impossible to really enjoy the beauty and the serenity of the place, Ireland is probably the best choice to visit.

There are many hidden beautiful places Ireland has to offer. And because most of these sites have not yet turned into a highly-commercialized tourist destination, people can enjoy the scenery of the place.

Despite Ireland’s relatively small size, this place has three World Heritage Sites and these are: Giant's Causeway which is a breath-taking landscape that inspires legends and folklore with its captivating and mystical beauty. This landscape has been mould by nature itself, with rugged cliffs amidst angry waves, mystical rock formation, and beautiful seascape which can capture anyone’s breath.

The second World Heritage Site is the Skellig Michael which is a rocky island with dramatic rock formation. Six hundred years ago, this island was a home for monastic Christian monks who created a Celtic church. Because of the inaccessibility of the place, it has been well preserved and completely unspoiled since it has avoided tourism and commercialism.

Meanwhile, the third World Heritage Site is the Bend of the Boyne which is the most significant prehistoric megalithic sites in the whole region of Europe that dates back as early as 32 century BC. In this place, visitors can see towering stones, Neolithic chamber tombs, and other ancient relics built by the early settlers.

For those who want to enjoy the cityscape, they can also go to Dublin which is the capital of Ireland. This vibrant metropolis has the highest ratio of youths, with over 50 percent of its inhabitants aged 25 years and below, which makes this city having one of the best nightlife in the whole region of Europe. So for those party-lovers, Dublin is a great choice since it has many nightclubs and pubs where anyone can enjoy themselves.

Other tourist attractions in Ireland are the castles which have been built hundreds of years ago. Meanwhile, for those who want to experience firsthand how to live inside a castle, there are many of these which have been converted into hotels where people can receive royal treatment with its high class accommodation.

Since Ireland is a small island and has been isolated from Europe as sea levels rose after the last ice age, it lacks biodiversity, making this place not an ideal destination for nature lovers. According to experts, there are only 26 land mammal species which are native in Ireland. Anyway, despite its lack of biodiversity, the place still boasts spectacular landscape and seascape which can take anyone’s breath away.

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