Tips for Elderly Flight Travelers

Senior Citizens: Tips to Follow In Air Journey

You must ensure to take all preventive measures in your flight if you are an elderly passenger. Remember that plenty of transfer time between flights is important factors and you should comprehend the intricacies of journey beforehand. Reserve your seat early and reach airport on time to avoid pre-boarding hassles. Ask for assistance if you require them.

As an elderly traveler you should not take your journey sportingly and a bit of serious effort is necessary like reserving seat in advance and ensuring that you have booked your flight which offers best comfort to you as an elderly passenger.

An air journey may turn confusing for you if you have not done painstaking homework. Keep your documentation complete according to the requirement. Most important tip for an elderly passenger is to make sure that you reach airport at least 90 minutes before the departure. This much time is sufficient to complete check in formalities and entering the gate for departure. You also have chance to walk for a while if any gate change is needed. This prudent step makes your journey stress free.

Usually many elderly travelers suffer from limited mobility. They also encounter difficulties in walking. They may have problems to walk and or suffer from visual impairment and other chronic illnesses. It is high time you as an elderly passenger consult the Care Service immediately at the airport in case you suffer from any of the above mentioned difficulties. Do an advance booking if you really need such service. You must bring supporting documents recommended by your doctor while booking this service.

Take best preventive measures. Possibility of high risk of deep venous thrombosis in your legs is abundant. Sufficient fluid intake, regular isometric muscle exercises, elastic compression stockings and appropriate implication of blood thinners is a must before the start of your journey. Other worth noticing tip for you as an older traveler is that you remain careful enough for the sensitivities of climatic and environmental changes. Avoid salty foods if you suffer from any heart problem. Do you suffer from diuretics? Keep enough amount of potassium with you to avoid any untoward happening.

As an elderly traveler you should take best of the safety measures. Stay fit and have regular intake of nutritious food. Drink enough water to avoid dehydration. These basic steps keep you fit and rejuvenated. Some elderly passengers may use hearing aids. They should have an extra battery or two to keep going. Also, check it in prior whether you have been offered a desired seat or not before finalizing your trip.

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