What Do You Hate About Singapore

Things to Know Before Visiting Singapore

Singapore is a rich country located in the south-eastern part of Asia and has been considered as a melting pot of different cultures. Meanwhile, this small country has received various criticisms not just from tourists but also from foreigners who seek residence from Singapore, saying that racial discrimination is still a big problem in the country.

Singapore is a country located from the south-eastern part of Asia and has been regarded as one of the most culturally diverse places because of the proliferation of different races from all parts of the world.

Meanwhile, this country has also been considered as one of the richest country in the Asian region and boasts a strong and viable economy which is continuously growing every year. One reason for its strong economy is that its people are very industrious, to the point that average Singaporeans work nearly 50 hours a week. While this character may be good for the economy of the country, this also resulted to another social problem: meltdown of family relations.

Another constant criticism Singapore receives from foreigners and even its citizens is that the cost of living in this country is way too expensive, which further drives people to become workaholic just to make ends meet. And because Singapore is a very small country, the cost of housing is very expensive that most people cram in small apartments and condo units. According to a recent survey, the cost of living in the country is as expensive as living in New York, the most expensive city in US.

The Asian country is also criticized from the proliferation of racial discrimination which attacks minority groups including Indians, Chinese, Indonesians, Filipinos, and Malaysians. And since there are many foreign workers from Singapore’s neighboring poor countries, racial segregation still hunts the nation.

Racial slurs are very common in Singapore and most of these are used to refer Indians (Bumbay is the most common racial slur for them), Malays, and Filipinos (some Singaporeans even think that the term Filipina is synonymous for maids).

Just like any highly-developed and rich countries, Singapore’s people also suffer from over-materialistic attitude (this is common in rich capitalist societies). According to a foreign visitor, she observed that most Singaporeans put high value on money and material things that people who are not well-dressed will probably not receive good service compared to individuals who are wearing signature clothing or expensive-looking business attire.

For those people who have already visited Singapore, one thing that seems to be the most obvious flaw in the city-state is the rude and undisciplined taxi drivers. According to an American woman who visited the country, taxi drivers would ask first the passengers what place they will be going, and if the drivers are not going to the same direction as they would like to go, they would shake their heads and drive off somewhere else.

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