Best Honeymoon Places in India

Honeymoon Places in India to Visit

If you recently got married and looking for a place where you can do your honeymoon, India is a perfect choice. This is where you can find spots perfect for Just Married couples. They are truly a romantic scenario that would give you the most unforgettable experience in your life.

India carries some really beautiful, romantic and lovely places to have your honeymoon. Goa, Himachal, Kumaon, Rajasthan and much more places make up the beauty and love of India for newly married couple to have their honeymoon. These places provide a truly romantic scenario and you can truly have some unforgettable moments of your life. In this article we will look at some of such beautiful and romantic places for honeymoon in India.

If you’ve ended up with your wedding issues and tiredness, it’s time to relax with your beloved. Honeymoon allows the couple to get close to each other and understand in a much better way.

Taj Holiday Village

Taj Holiday Village is considered as the best hotel in the state of Goa in India for your honeymoon. It is located at a distance of about 50 kilometers from the airport or the region and just 21 kilometers from the nearest railway station. Several dining options allow you couple to learn each other’s favorite dishes. Thai food as well as all the western food can be found in this hotel at reasonable and affordable rates.


Munnar is a hill destination in India and famous for honeymoon spots. It is at a height of 1520 meter in the region of Kerala. The greenery, fresh breeze and natural beauty can pump in a totally fresh blood in your life. There are several points on this hill where the couple can enjoy their honeymoon. Adventure sports are also offered to some extent in Munnar like fishing or rowing boat. In fact, it also offers paragliding and cycling.


Karnataka is considered as a beautiful place in India for honeymoon. It is also one of the most demanding and favorite places for honeymoon in India. The location is famous for its history and beautiful nature. You can also enjoy lush green escapes. The bird calls and other natural sound will make your ears and brain totally fresh and will enforce you to have a romantic and lovely deep breadth with your mate. Beautiful waterfalls and other landscapes need hours to completely visit. Here you can also enjoy several sports such as karate, bird watching and rock climbing.

You should consult your local traveler or some resident of the honeymoon location to guide you through the best places for honeymoon. Honeymoon in India is very affordable and almost everyone can enjoy the beautiful natural scenes with their loved ones.

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