Honeymoon Places in Kerala

Top Destinations in Kerala for Honeymoon

For couples who are looking for the right honeymoon destination, Kerala is actually one of the best places in India. This is where you can celebrate your union as husband and wife. There are different places in Kerala where you can actually build memorable moments.

You can choose from different settings this place has to offer.

One of the most beautiful places in India is actually Kerala. It is also referred to as God’s Own Country. Geographically, it is located in between the Western Ghats mountain range and the Arabian Sea. There are a lot of reasons why many couples preferred Kerala for a honeymoon spot. From the sparkling beach, scenic mountains, historic attraction, unique plants and animal, to the inviting climate, these are some of the countless reason why Kerala is perfect. It is considered a paradise on earth that is perfect background for a honeymoon vacation that can last for life. There are some destinations in a Kerala that offers unique charm which is perfect for couples’ honeymoon vacation.

Retreating in Kovalam Beach

Kerala known for its scenic beaches and one of them is the Kovalam beach. A lot of honeymooners actually prefer beach as a destination for their honeymoon because it offers a certain kind of ambiance which is so romantic. Kovalam is a perfect place to retreat with your loved ones. Aside from a perfect honeymoon spot, it is also ideal for family vacation. There are different activities that couple can do like taking a leisure walk, relaxing on a massage, sunbathing and more.

Exploring Alleppey Backwaters

Also known for the name Alappuzha, it is one of the famous backwater destinations in Kerala. It is actually scenic bodies of water such as canals, rivers, lagoons and inlets. Alleppey is characterized as a small town that is perfect located on the banks of backwaters. Honeymooners prefer this place not just because of its beauty but also its climate. A famous activity in this place is a houseboat cruise.

Escaping in Munnar Rresorts

Kerala has several hill stations that are ideal for honeymoon and one of this Munnar. This is a perfect place for couples who love the nature. The beauty is like taken from postcard. There are actually Munnar honeymoon package that you can avail of. There are activities that you can indulge in from trekking, hiking, and expedition. Couples can also choose to relax and enjoy a picturesque location.

Being part of Thekkady Wild Corridor

This small town is known for its wildlife environment. Couples can visit the famous Periyar wildlife sanctuary for their bonding time.

Staying at Fort Kochi Hotels

Kochi is the conomic and commercial center of Kerala. This is actually where you can find beaches and monuments that add to the charm of the city. Honeymooners can sign up for tours that visit places such as colonial homes, forts, places, mosque, and temples. You can choose to stay at hotels and colonial homes that turns in to tourist homes.

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