Top Attractions in Beijing

Places to see in Beijing

If you are in Beijing, China there are top attractions that you shouldn’t fail to miss. The attractions tell about the rich history of Chinese people. From the Forbidden City, to the great wall and summer place, you will surely explore the rich culture of this city through this must see spots.

There is no doubt Beijing is one of most visited cities in the Asian region. Yearly, there are millions of tourists from around the world that eager to see China’s capital. This metropolitan city is ever changing. It is a fusion of old and new. Every corner of Beijing is where you can find something that would interest you. There are numerous attractions and historic places to see in Beijing. It is best idea to plan ahead whether you would be visiting for just a week or a day. In this way you can be able to see everything that Beijing has to offer.

Exploring the Forbidden CityPlaces to see in Beijing

Begin your itinerary with this old city filled with mystery. It has almost 9000 rooms in a 250 land area. Built in 1420, this architecture was renovated for a number of times. See to it that you are wearing good shoes when exploring the area because you will walk a lot. It is ideal to hire a guide that will escort and tell stories about the palace. If you want to explore on your own, it is a good a idea to hire a recorder that would help you learn more about the place.

Reminiscing in Tiananmen Square

This place is certainly should be on top of your itinerary. This is lying in the heart of Beijing where you can view massive parades and gathering. No place in this world has this square of such kind. Most of china’s history happens in this spot where the republic of china was born. Don’t fail to miss the raising and lowering of the flag that is worth seeing. There are young troops that would perform during sunrise and sunset. Make sure that you be there earlier so that you can have a good view of the performance.

Climbing the Great Wall

This is a must thing to do while you are in China. Beijing is covering about 600 kms of this wall. Sections of the Great Wall in this city were well preserved. It relics was well preserved that dates back during the Ming Dynasty. Be prepared because it involves a lot of hiking. Once you are in this structure, the sight is so amazing.

Relaxing in Summer Place

This imperial garden is the largest one found in China. This palace is popular among tourist who wants to relax. You can wander around its pavilions, temples and bridges. Its landscape was well preserved. This royal garden museum has made to the list of world cultural heritage site.

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