Visit to Baltimore

Traveling to Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore is one of the foremost travel destinations in the US with over 12 million business visitors and tourists every year. The city is a paragon of urban expansion with separate areas designed for different activities.

The city is easily accessible and most neighborhoods are easily located within walking distance of each other making tours of the city very easy and reasonable on the pocket.

A few of the more prominent areas for tourist’s pleasures are-

Firstly and the most beautiful Inner Harbor waterfront area is designed to be a shoppers paradise with thousands of retail stores, cafe, pubs, bistros and several other varieties of attractions. You will also be entertained with local fairs on the street side, performers, open-air music concerts, firework shows, carnivals and parades, cruise boats as well as ferries on the riverfront.

History buffs are not neglected with several historic neighborhoods located around the picturesque Inner Harbor area offering a plethora of activities. Little Italy located close by has several restaurants boasting the flavors of Italy along with tourist attractions like pageants and summer festivals, street fairs on the holydays of patron saints San Gabriel and St. Anthony etc. Another must see location is Fell's Point which is the oldest location in Baltimore with a quaint English neighborhood hangover. Harbor east another tourist attraction has another listing of attractive pleasures to lure tourists in to spending a whole lot of money. Mount Vernon is also one of the best historic locations of the city with several prominent citizens of the 18th and 19th centuries having residences in the locality. A few must see locations include The George Washington, Baltimore City Museum, Wurtzburger Sculpture Garden, Oregon Ridge Park, Peabody Conservatory of Music, The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption and The Walters Art Museum. Not bad for a history aficionado!

The top of Federal Hill located on the south side of the Inner Harbor offers the best view of the city and as usual has a wide range of tourist attractions like restaurants and malls. Canton located to the east of the city is a hip neighborhood with several old factories being converted in to shopping and entertainment needs. Baltimore has food options for almost everyone ranging from chic gourmet fare, to local and varied ethnic foods from any where over the world and fresh mind blowing seafood from Maryland's Chesapeake Bay. Crabs are a must for the visitors menu!

And something I found really interesting was a listing of all of Baltimore’s Haunted locations for tourists! The University of Maryland’s Davidge Hall, Medical Center at the University of Maryland, Westminster Church in Baltimore, the Hunt Valley Town Center all has serious histories of creepy and paranormal visitations. Visitors have reported creepy lights, fogs, strange sounds and weird lights from the locations and although these areas are not really popular; you can arrange for a tour to the local hot “ghost spots” at your leisure.

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