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Jacksonville Travel Guide

This city can give you more than just an urban city setting. Jacksonville is a perfect city that could cater to your interest. No matter what your interest is there is definitely something for you. Its diversified environment can captivate anyone.

From its beaches, attraction and wildlife, you can definitely say the visiting Jacksonville is worth it.

Jacksonville is a city located in the northeast of Florida near its Atlantic Coast. This one of the hidden gems of the state and a popular vacation spots in this side of the country. It has become a destination when you want to experience a unique kind of holiday. It is the biggest city in Florida. Jacksonville is not just your traditional urban city as it can give you a worthwhile vacation. It got beautiful beaches, museums and tourist attraction that could give you an ultimate time in this city. Its natural landscape got a beauty that captivates a traveler’s heart in seeking for more. Jacksonville is becoming a renowned place for golf courses that got a highest grade in the world. The city is also dotted with quiet little parks that can give you quality time with nature. If you love shopping, then Jacksonville will not disappoint you as they provide world class shopping malls that is scattered along the shore of its beaches.

Jacksonville is also known to have a diversified environment because it is surrounded with tropical forest and hot springs. The beaches is also world class as it can give you a place to do different water sports that include surfing, snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving and a lot more water activities. There is a long beach line where you could find no commercial buildings in the area. It can give you the feeling that you are away from the city life. The famous beaches here are the Amelia Island and Fernandina. If you want to go windsurfing, fishing and camping all at the same time then you might want to visit Huguenot Memorial Park. If you are sports fan then Jacksonville is the home for some famous baseball teams like the Jaguars and Jacksonville Suns.

Places to visit in Jacksonville

  • St Augustine is one of the oldest places found in Jacksonville. It was founded in 1565 by a catholic priest named Pedro Menendez. There is an old fort in this place that you can walk into where it has stones corridors and remnants of cannons that use to protect the fort. If you love history, then this place can give a glimpse of the past as you can imagine what it’s like living in those olden times.
  • The Guana River State Park is a tourist spot that you can’t miss in this city. This preservation area is a place where you can enjoy picnic, go hiking, do fishing and a lot more activities.
  • If you love the nature then don’t miss the Anastasia State Recreation Area. This is a bird sanctuary that got beaches, sand dunes and marshes. This perfect spot if you want to go camping, swimming, fishing and others. You can also learn how to windsurf in this area.
  • If you like to get in touch with your artistic and cultural side, then you should see the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens. This museum showcases a number of art collections and displays that is situated in the river side garden.
  • Try also visiting the famous Landing found in the downtown Jacksonville where you can find shop and entertainment center. This where celebration are held like concerts and shows.


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